Treadmill Thoughts

21 Hilarious Truths of a Treadmill Workout

Running on the treadmill, especially for those who are just starting a running routine, can be a pretty daunting process. But there are a few things we can all relate with when it comes to the treadmill!

Here are 21 things that happen to all of us, at some point, while attempting a treadmill workout . . .

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Lunge Variations

Everyday Exercises Anyone Can Do: Lunge Variations

Jordan Meyer, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor at Elite Sports Club-North Shore

If you’re looking for a lower body exercise that challenges your balance, core strength and stability, and all of the muscles in your legs, the lunge is a great place to start.  There is a lot that goes into a lunge that you might not have thought about.  Try standing with your legs split apart front to back right now and see how much you wobble.  Can you feel the muscles in your ankles working hard to keep you upright?  That’s even before we start to add movement!  Even if standing there is really difficult for you, don’t fret!  There are modifications that can be made to make lunges a great exercise for everyone, from the beginner exercisers to the seasoned gym rats. Continue reading


The Truth About Carbohydrates

By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

If you are among the many club members who are trying to put together the right combination of foods to match their dietary and fitness goals, then you may find it confusing today for you to figure out just how to add just the right amount of carbohydrates. In truth, much of the confusion has come from the “lay press.” For as long as we all can remember, Carbohydrates have been counted on as a necessary part of the plan for diet and nutrition for all ages. Carbohydrates also are a major source of energy and should account for 50% to 60% of your calories consumed daily.

Today, the confusion comes from the idea that many news writers suggest that all type of sugar-contained in food may be bad for you. And, furthermore that, some of those “naturally” occurring foods that contain carbs may put you at risk as well. Over the next few blog posts we will examine these thoughts and see where the real truth is about CARBOHYDRATES. Continue reading

What to Wear to the Gym

What Not to Wear to the Gym

Annie Farley, MS, CPT; Spinning Certified Star 3 Instructor & Group Exercise Director at Elite Sports Club-Mequon

Getting yourself to the gym requires motivation, but believe it or not, what you wear plays a big part in your success. Baggy sweats and cotton T-shirts may be comfortable, but are usually the wrong choice for the gym. Choosing the right workout clothes and accessories, on the other hand, can wick away sweat, smell less, display movements clearly, and protect sensitive skin. Before you lace up your old sneakers or pull on your college t-shirt, let’s figure out what NOT to wear to the gym! Continue reading

7 Reasons You DON’T Need to “Start” on a Monday

Does this sound familiar? You snuck a donut from the office café, then decided to have an extra serving of pasta for dinner, then thought, “It’s okay, I will start eating healthy and working out on Monday!”

For some reason many people have this idea that starting a healthy lifestyle should start on a specific day – like New Years, the day after their birthday, or “next Monday.”

The reality is that you can start eating healthier, exercising more, and practicing good habits at any time!

Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t put off your healthy lifestyle until Monday: Continue reading