5 Exercise Myths Your Trainer Wishes You’d Stop Believing

Are you killing it in the gym and not seeing the results you’d like? Chances are you’ve fallen victim to bad advice. Here’s a handful of exercise myths to get you moving in the right direction and working your body to get the best results.

1. Lift less weight with more reps to get toned.
Why this isn’t so: Skipping the heavy barbells in favor of lighter weights with lots of repetitions won’t get you toned. To get toned, you need larger muscles and less fat. Challenging your body through heavier lifting and combining your strength training routine with regular cardio is the way to go. You will burn more calories, build more muscle and get the body you’ve been working so hard for.

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Halloween Kids and Candy

6 Tips to Have a Healthier Halloween with Your Kids

Let’s face it, Halloween isn’t the healthiest holiday around. At least you can adapt most of your other holiday meals to include smaller portions and more healthful options. But on Halloween…it’s all about the sweets. So, what’s a parent to do!?

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Perfect Diet

What Does the Perfect Diet Look Like?

By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

Results are in from various studies as to just what exactly will make up the “perfect diet.” Young and old alike will benefit from knowing when they are consuming enough but not too much!

Here’s a breakdown of the perfect diet:

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Reasons You Are Amazing

10 Reasons YOU are Amazing!

Sure you want to start the week of on the right foot. You had a whole plan for how you were going to eat well this week, you even set out your workout clothes before you went to bed last night. You looked in the mirror and chanted repeatedly “Mondays are great. I love Mondays. Mondays are great. I love Mondays.” And then your alarm clock rang this morning…Pretty much everybody needs a little pick-me-up on Monday. So, here’s yours. Keep reading for 10 reasons we think that you, yes YOU, are amazing! Continue reading

Healthy Kid

How to Talk to Your Kids About Health & Fitness

It can be a sensitive topic, but parents need to know how to discuss health and fitness with their children. If your child is overweight, you may be at a loss for how to help. No matter the age, talking to kids about health and fitness can be a difficult topic. Keeping the conversation on healthy habits and lifestyles and involving your child in the conversation is the best way to approach the subject.

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