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Fitness For The Former Fat Girl

215 pounds. There it was. It was staring at me and the nurse on that ugly, white scale. Wait..what?! That can’t be true. I mean, I know in college you tend to gain some, but I couldn’t have gained that much! Denial shot through me like a bullet and then nothing but shame was left. Continue reading

Cranberry Turkey Melt Sandwich

Cranberry Turkey Melt Sandwich Recipe

By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

Perfect this time a year with turkey leftovers! Here you will have a more creative sandwich with just a little different twist!

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

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Fat Burning Zone vs. Cardio Zone

Know the Difference: Fat Burning Zone vs. Cardio Zone

By Melissa Radmer, CPT, Group Exercise & Fitness Director at Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield

You jump onto your favorite elliptical or treadmill, and you often see a graphic indicating “fat burn zones” and “cardio zones.” At first glance, it may appear that you burn more fat working at a lower intensity (55%-65% of your heart rate maximum) than you would working in a cardio zone (75%-85% of your heart rate maximum). This sounds like a good deal—doing little work to burn more fat—however, this information is misleading. Continue reading

The Benefits of Adult Tennis Lessons

Who says tennis lessons are just for kids? Yes, it’s great to start your kids in tennis while they are young, but if you are an adult, you can enjoy the benefits of tennis at nearly any age. As long as you can hold a tennis racket, you have something to gain by taking tennis lessons.  Continue reading

Strong Legs

Developing Strong and Shapely Legs

By Melissa Abramovich, Certified Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-River Glen

For me, strength and functionality are everything when it comes to any body part, but I realize people also want to work on appearance. Strong and shapely legs are both functional, and (hopefully) beautiful. Many women worry about getting too bulky, and some work too much or too little on the areas they see as an issue for them. A balanced approach is best, combining exercises that aid strength and function, while also correcting muscular imbalances. Continue reading