Healthy Rewards for Being Healthy

Healthy Rewards for Being Healthy

Congratulations! This week you did a great job working on your health and wellness. Don’t you think you deserve a reward? But perhaps we should make those healthy rewards…

Maybe you made it to the gym to get your exercise in, maybe you made healthy home cooked meals all week, swapped out an unhealthy snack for a better option, got enough sleep, or even took some time to mentally rest. Regardless of what you accomplished, here are some ways to treat yourself without derailing your health train. Continue reading

Super Simple 5 Ingredient Granola Bar Recipe

Super Simple 5 Ingredient Granola Bar Recipe

What’s that saying about ingredients in food? Something about there shouldn’t be more than 5 and you should be able to pronounce them all…Well this super simple 5 ingredient granola bar recipe fits the bill! This is also a recipe that you can make with your children. It is much better than store bought and will keep covered in the refrigerator. Continue reading

Elite Staff Highlight Carrie Bendrock

Staff Highlight: Carrie Bendrock

Carrie Bendrock has worked at quite a few of the Elite Sports Clubs locations and in a few roles. (Seems to be a trend around here, doesn’t it? What can we say, we’re multi-talented here at Elite!) Right now Carrie is rocking a position in membership services at Elite Sports Club-North Shore and is also the Playroom Director. Here’s your chance to get to know a little bit about her! Continue reading

Workout or Play Time

Workout or Play Time?

You rarely hear the phrase, “yay it’s time to go workout!!!” I mean it’s a workout not play time right? Or is it?

When we view working out as, well, work it takes all of the fun and enjoyment out of being active. It should be fun to keep your body healthy and in shape.

Here are a few ways to play and get in a great workout. Continue reading