10 Tips for Starting the New Year Right

Each new year offers up new possibilities, the opportunity to start fresh. For many, the new year is an opportunity to live healthier. If you’re one of those people, our Team Weight Loss Challenge is the perfect program for you – incorporating our top 10 tips for helping you stick to your New Year’s resolution.

1. Set Realistic Goals

smart goal setting concept

Goals don’t just help you measure progress, they also help you stay on track. But to be effective they have to be SMART. SMART goals break a big goal, like losing 20 pounds or running a 10K, into small, achievable steps that lead to your ultimate goal.

2. Get a Plan Set-up

Once you know what you want to achieve, you need a plan to help you get there.

When you sign-up for the Team Weight Loss Challenge you get a 1 hour Team Consultation with an Elite trainer coach to help you set SMART goals and develop a plan that enables you to reach those goals.

120908542 (1)3. Have a Support System

Having a workout buddy (or buddies) helps keep you motivated and accountable. You and your workout crew are in it together. Having a strong support system will make getting to the gym easier, especially on those days where all you want to do is face-plant onto the couch after work. This type of support system is a core component to our Team Weight Loss Challenge.


4. Incorporate Nutrition  IMG_1494

Exercising is only 1/2 of the healthy lifestyle formula, eating better is the other. Our Team Weight Loss Challenge also covers this – arming you with a recipe book, sample meal plan, 10% off a private consultation with an Elite Registered Dietitian, a complementary smoothie or drink at the Elite Cafe, and 10% off your first order from Fit Food Trainer, our weekly pre-order meal service.

120492588 5. Change It Up & Challenge Yourself

Putting some variation and added challenge into your workout routine helps you stay interested. Included in your registration for the Team Weight Loss Challenge is unlimited access to over 250 Group Exercise Classes, a free Small Group Training Class and SUPER classes exclusive to Team Weight Loss Challenge participants.

6. Equip Yourself with the Right Workout Gear

Having the proper clothes and shoes is a often overlooked component to one’s fitness routine. You want clothes that are loose, comfortable and breathable as well as shoes that give your feet support, are well ventilated and comfortable. All Team Weight Loss Challenge participants receive a long sleeve Dri-Fit Team t-shirt and 25% off of one apparel item at the Elite ProShops.

7. Start Slow, Build Up

You’re excited to get started on your journey to health, wellness and fitness, so are we! One thing to remember is: don’t try to run before you’re able to crawl, you’ll hurt yourself or get burnt out. Starting with even 10 minutes of some form of physical activity or eating at least one piece of fruit twice each week may not seem like much, but a series of tiny, simple changes over time will have a greater impact on helping you achieve your goal.

Line-chart-icon8. Track Yourself

Keeping food, exercise, even sleep logs help by giving you a visual reminder of what you accomplished that day while allowing you to see how far you’ve come over time.


9. Take Breaks

Every week, take a day or two off from your workouts so your body can recover from all the hard work its done. The same goes for nutrition, every once and a while allow yourself a “cheat” food. Many people try to drop all those oh so tasty but bad news bears for your health foods cold turkey.

10. Have FUN

This is one of the most important tips we can offer. Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be a burdensome chore.

2014 is YOUR year to make your healthy lifestyle resolution a reality! Grab your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and sign-up for the Team Weight Loss Challenge!

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This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. All material in this article is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise, or other health program.

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