Creative Workouts for Kids

If you’re looking for some fun ways to get your littles excited about exercise, trying some creative workouts for kids just might be the ticket. Step outside of the box, so to speak, and make exercise more of a game than a chore. Who knows, once you’ve tried a few of these, perhaps you or … Continue reading Creative Workouts for Kids

15 Exercise Games and Activities for Kids

In today’s age of smartphones, video games, and YouTube, getting kids away from their screens can sometimes be a challenge. At Elite, we encourage parents to start the healthy habit of keeping kids active early, so that they form the habit and grow to love an active lifestyle. So how do you start? Well, kids … Continue reading 15 Exercise Games and Activities for Kids

12 Ways to Have Active Kids This Summer

Summer is a time when school-age kids rejoice; it’s a break from classes, homework, and schedules. Free time equals lazy time, right? Well, maybe in the minds of the kids. However, allowing them to make every day of summer a lazy day can turn into a wasted summer with some unhealthy consequences. Wondering how you … Continue reading 12 Ways to Have Active Kids This Summer

Ball Control Tennis Drill for Kids Ages 6-9

Here’s a simple tennis drill you can do with your child to introduce them to ball control and how to accurately hit cross court and down the line. The drill consists of 3 steps that progress as your child masters the fundamental concepts.