5 Healthy & Fit Family-Friendly Vacation Destinations

School’s officially out, and that means it’s time to start filling that summer calendar with fun! For a lot of people, summer vacation comes to mind, but where can you find a family-friendly vacation destination that is not only fun but healthy too? We’ve done the dirty work for you and searched out five fantastic vacations that will have the whole family lovin’ life and keeping fit while you’re at it. Continue reading 5 Healthy & Fit Family-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Make-Ahead Recipes You Can Take On The Go

Summers are busy. Whether you’re traveling or just trying to keep up with life around home and work, healthy make-ahead recipes can simplify things and keep your diet on track while you are on the go. Continue reading Make-Ahead Recipes You Can Take On The Go

Best Tennis Travel Destinations

It’s summer, and often times summer brings wandering thoughts of travel. Since we love tennis around here at Elite Sports Clubs, we thought we’d search out a few incredible tennis travel destinations that are right here in the U.S.; several of which also have fantastic junior programs. Grab your calendar, check out this list of seven of the most highly rated tennis destinations, and start making some tennis travel plans.

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Have a Fit Summer Vacation

Summer is finally upon us! It’s been a long Wisconsin winter, and everyone is ready for barbecues, patio drinks, frozen cocktails, ice cream, and kicking back. Summertime treats are delicious, and lounging around during the dog days of summer is like a dream come true. But, those extra calories and lazy time can sneak up on you in a not-so-great way. Here are our best tips on how to enjoy all of your favorite summer things, while still having a fit summer vacation. Continue reading Have a Fit Summer Vacation

12 Ways to Have Active Kids This Summer

Summer is a time when school-age kids rejoice; it’s a break from classes, homework, and schedules. Free time equals lazy time, right? Well, maybe in the minds of the kids. However, allowing them to make every day of summer a lazy day can turn into a wasted summer with some unhealthy consequences. Wondering how you can have active kids this summer? We just so happen to have a few tips here to help you get your kids off of the sofa, away from their screens, and moving!

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