8 Reasons to Keep Moving

We’ve all heard that a sedentary lifestyle can do us more harm than good. But exactly how much more harm? The effects of being sedentary go far beyond what you might think; more than hurting your heart and bringing on weight gain. We’ve created a quick list of eight reasons you should keep moving.

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9 Tips For Having a Healthy Thanksgiving

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is primarily centered around food. Of course there’s a deeper meaning behind the holiday, but our celebrations generally focus on gravy-laden turkey, buttery mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a healthy dose of sweet pumpkin pie. Delicious? Absolutely! Easy on the waistline? Not so much. To help, we’ve listed a few tips to help you have a healthy Thanksgiving without sacrificing all of your favorite Turkey Day eats.

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Health Effects of Daylight Saving Time

It’s that time of year again: daylight saving time (DST). This Sunday, November 5th, 2017, it’s time to set the clocks back an hour, technically at 2:00am to end DST. While most of us consider the “fall back” to be a treat, giving us an extra hour of sleep in the morning, we don’t realize how it can impact us. We might gain a brighter morning, but that little shift in our time can have a big impact on our body clock and our health.

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7 Sweet Halloween Tricks to Keep Your Health on Track

Who doesn’t love a few good Halloween tricks? Being surrounded by sugary treats that are suddenly oh-so-tempting thanks to their fun packaging and miniature size can be hard to resist. Having just one morsel of sugary delight most likely wouldn’t afflict any harm upon our healthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, one morsel often leads to two or three…throughout the days leading up to and following Halloween. Next thing you know, you’re on a sugar-filled hiatus from healthy living and a few extra pounds have snuck up. Continue reading 7 Sweet Halloween Tricks to Keep Your Health on Track

Preparing for a Healthy Halloween

With October comes candy, candy, candy…and more candy. Everywhere you turn you’re faced with candy and other seasonal sweets, like cider doughnuts and pumpkin-flavored everything. And then trick-or-treat happens. Now you’re left with bags (literally) of candy sitting on your kitchen counter. Adhering to your healthy lifestyle can get a little tricky this time of year. We’re here to help you prepare for a healthy Halloween. Continue reading Preparing for a Healthy Halloween