Staff Stories: “Our decision was simple.”

By Danielle Holtzman, Elite Sports Clubs Concierge

Danielle Horner-Breast Cancer Story

In 1999 my mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. She went through a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation and seemed to be on the road to recovery. We were very optimistic. Our belief was that she had beat breast cancer and it would never worry us again. Continue reading Staff Stories: “Our decision was simple.”

Preparing for Fitness

This article was originally included in the Fall 2013 issue of our seasonal magazine. You can check out a digital copy of the East Side edition here, and the West Side edition here.

Making physical activity a part of your daily life isn’t an easy undertaking. It takes dedication, will power, patience, and a lot of hard work. But believe it or not, it’s not as hard as it may first appear, and you might even be surprised to find that you enjoy your new found lifestyle and the benefits it offers. But before we jump right in we’ll want to look at five steps that will help you stay safe, have fun, and be successful at getting fit. Let’s take a look at these five rules.

Preparing for Fitness 5 Tips for Success Continue reading Preparing for Fitness

How Can I Get Enough Calcium in My Diet If I Follow a Vegan Lifestyle?

By Rita Larsen, RD; Elite Sports Clubs Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor

For those of you who choose to follow a vegan or even vegetarian lifestyle, you know best that sometimes one needs to get creative with their food to get all of the necessary nutrients for a healthy diet. Today I’d like to focus on just one of these necessary nutrients, calcium. Below you will find plenty of options for calcium-rich foods that are considered vegan, plus compare which ones are best for absorbing that calcium into your body.

How can I get enough calcium in my diet if I follow a vegan lifestyle? Continue reading How Can I Get Enough Calcium in My Diet If I Follow a Vegan Lifestyle?

Guest Post: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Today’s post is brought to you by ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, a local breast cancer charity and mentoring program that Elite Sports Clubs will be teaming up with for this year’s Open House on Saturday, October 5th, 8-11am. All proceeds from the event will be donated to ABCD’s breast cancer programs. You can learn more about the Open House on Elite’s website (Join the Facebook event too!), and register online to get a FREE prize drawing ticket for Elite prizes such as gift cards, private lessons, small group training, and more!

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Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

By Ginger Lazovik, Elite Sports Club-River Glen Fine Arts Director

Signs your child is ready for piano lessons-Elite Sports Clubs

“When will I know my child is ready for piano lessons?” is a question I often hear as a piano teacher. While every child is unique, there are four signs I look for in a child to determine if they are ready to take private piano lessons. If you are wondering if your student is ready for private piano lessons have a look at the following list. If your child shows these four signs, he or she might be ready to start piano lessons! Continue reading Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons?