Whole30 Diet Program Overview & Rules

Fad diets are commonplace these days, but how do we decipher the good from the bad, the realistic from the impractical and the sustainable from the “quick-fix”? As dietitians, it is our job to help guide you through this confusing array of choices to find a lifestyle and diet that works for you. One such diet is the Whole30 program. Continue reading Whole30 Diet Program Overview & Rules

How to Read a Swim Workout

Many beginner swimmers set out with a goal of swimming a half mile or a mile straight through. I cringe when I hear that—it’s not really the best way to do a swim workout. If you were lifting weights, you would do 3 sets of 10 repetitions of a biceps curl, instead of 30 straight repetitions, right? The same goes for swimming. Continue reading How to Read a Swim Workout

Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

We all know that women’s bodies change during pregnancy, but how exactly should nutrition change during pregnancy? There are specific nutritional requirements for energy intake, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that differ during pregnancy. Keep reading for more information on proper nutrition during pregnancy. Continue reading Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Is it Hunger, Hanger, or Something Else Entirely?

Hunger is supposed to be the signal that we get from our bodies that we should eat. It’s a biological imperative, and it’s there to keep you alive. But many of us respond to a number of different “hunger variations.” We eat a full tub of popcorn at the movie theater, even though we have had dinner. We soothe a broken heart with a tub of Rocky Road. We ease a bad day with an extra cookie or 3, nosh on extra chips to comfort boredom, and binge on chocolate when we are upset. Many things beyond the physical need for food can present as an urge to eat. Exploring some of the reasons for hunger can help us to separate out the real hunger from the myriad of other reasons we may be reaching for food when we don’t actually need it. Continue reading Is it Hunger, Hanger, or Something Else Entirely?