Benefits of the Gravity Training System

The Gravity Training System (GTS) is used in clubs throughout the world to teach a series of high intensity muscular endurance exercises while providing a time efficient full body workout. For those of you who are not familiar with GTS, it is very similar to the Total Gym used by Chuck Norris that can be seen on television. Gravity is divided into group training sessions and private training sessions at health clubs in order to provide a variety of workouts for members. GTS uses your body weight on a glideboard with an adjustable incline, while incorporating a dynamic pulley system to perform strength training exercises.

Often, people will complain that there is not enough time to get in a full body workout, however the primary advantage of using GTS is time efficiency. Most Gravity training sessions vary from 30-minute to 45-minute strength training sessions. You might be asking yourself how can you get a full body strength training workout in 30 minutes? When training on the GTS in a class format or in personal training, a sequence of exercises can be performed without even getting up off of the machine. In each selected body position on the glideboard multiple exercises can be executed to utilize time in an effective manner. The GTS workouts also minimize transitions in order to do as many exercises in each body position as possible. The GTS muscle sequences are put into an order that maximizes performance for efficiency and recovery while providing an intense endurance workout.

Gravity sessions are taught by certified personal trainers that have been certified through EFI Sports Medicine on how to use GTS and teach training sessions. Getting the guidance of a personal trainer while exercising will provide a more specific workout based on each individuals’ needs and exercise goals while eliminating the stress of figuring out what exercises to perform. You will not have to figure out how many sets, repetitions, or how long to perform each exercise.

The design of GTS is a benefit in itself. By performing exercises at an incline clients do not have to bear their entire weight load. This will minimize stress on the joints especially for clients who are beginners, overweight, or who have had injury issues. For example, if someone is at level 6 (or 21 degrees) on the glideboard and weighs 200 lbs, that individual is only moving 40% of their body weight or 81 lbs. If the exercise were to be done using the pulleys it would cut the resistance in half.

By employing the use of the free motion pulley/cable system on the GTS, individuals are able to do over 150 different exercises with variations. The pulley systems offer a free range of motion during upper body exercises, which helps you move beyond a fixed range of motion. The pulley system will improve overall strength through multiple ranges of motion. For example, I have personally worked with individuals who have had limited range of motion in the shoulder joint capsule who now have full range of motion.

The Gravity Training System has many strength training advantages. The GTS works all of the major muscles in the body while minimizing the time in the process. Formats for the training sessions last 30-45 minutes while transitioning from one exercise to the next with minimal interruptions. By not resting between exercises little to no time is wasted and the heart rate of clients stays at a high level, burning more total calories while also improving cardiovascular fitness. Working with a personal trainer on the GTS or using the Total Gym at home is a very time efficient and fun way to workout.

Are you interested in a Gravity group training session? Check out our fitness calendar for current small group training options. And as mentioned above, Elite Sports Clubs always offers personal training or semi-private training on the GTS machines. Please fill out this form to receive more information on the Gravity Training System.

Have you ever tried using a Gravity machine or the Total Gym? What did you like about it? Is there anything you didn’t like about it? Tell us in the comments!

Ray Hirn, BS
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Elite Sports Club-Brookfield

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