When Mind Over Matter Becomes Dangerous

Picture this, you’re at your top physical game. You’ve just started your freshmen year of college as a Division I swimmer. You’re excited to represent your school and crank out an amazing year.

But about a month into your season, you begin to experience back pain. You chalk it up to harder practices, increased muscle, and great stress on your body so you push through. Pain is weakness leaving the body right? You wrap up your year with best times and an easy spot on the Conference Championship team.

Welcome back sophomore year! Hard practices yes, the drive to perform well yes, back pain…yes. And it’s worse. But you’re not a newbie anymore, you have to keep your varsity spot on the team so you continue on as normal.  You wrap up the year with little improvement, barely make the Conference Championship team and more pain. Continue reading When Mind Over Matter Becomes Dangerous

Swimming Safety Tips for the Summer

With the weather lately, it has a lot of us looking forward to school break and summer weather. With that, comes the increased use of pools and beaches. Elite’s outdoor pools plan to open Memorial Day weekend and it’s got a lot of parent’s thinking: is my child safe around the water? To be sure, here’s a few swimming safety tips to get you ready for the summer. Continue reading Swimming Safety Tips for the Summer

6 Tips for Swim Breathing

There’s so much to think about while swimming. To some it comes naturally, to others it takes hours of practice and instruction. In any case, learning a few new tips here and there is always helpful for new and experienced swimmers alike. Here’s some pointers to help you improve your swim breathing technique. Continue reading 6 Tips for Swim Breathing

Kayak Exercises and Indoor Training

I recently learned of a new type of triathlon that incorporates kayaking in place of the typical swim portion. With this new type of race comes different challenges and varied training. Here a few tips for training for this race and some good kayak exercises in general. Continue reading Kayak Exercises and Indoor Training

Triathlon Swim Training

I recently hosted a Triathlon Swim workshop for our members at our Elite Sports Club – River Glen location and this summer I will be partnering with a few Elite Personal Trainers to offer a full-scale Triathlon Training program. Until then, let’s just focus on the swimming part. Often this can be the most intimidating part for newbies and seasoned racers alike. There’s just something about swimming (especially in open water) that tends to freak people out. But, you know the best way to alleviate those fears? PREPARATION & PRACTICE! Continue reading Triathlon Swim Training