Uncomfortable Truths About Fitness

Everyone likes when they’re told what they want to hear; things stay nice and comforting that way. Being told what you need to hear versus what you want to hear can be a little unsettling, but it can be to your benefit. With an abundance of fitness information online, you’re bound to run across some bogus advice. We’re here today to uncover some of the uncomfortable truths about fitness. You might not want to hear some of these things, but they need to be heard.

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Instructor Highlight: Julie Eusebio

Julie Eusebio is a group exercise instructor at our Elite Sports Clubs location in Brookfield on Burleigh Rd. She currently teaches cycling classes but has taught all sorts of classes over the past decade.

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Finding Legit Fitness Advice Online

The internet is bursting with fitness advice. If you search “fitness advice” in Google, it will come up with some 190,000,000 results (no, we didn’t add any extra zeros there). That’s a lot of advice! Some of it is free information, and some of it you have to pay for. Some of it is legit advice, and some of it is bogus. It’s amazing to have such an abundance of information right at our fingertips, but how do you know what to trust? That’s a tricky question. One that we hope to help you address.

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Why Try Small Group Training?

As a trainer, I’ve been offering small group training for about 10 years. It began because one-on-one training can get expensive, and some of my clients asked if there was a way to get additional sessions in the week for less, with about the same quality individual experience. So, at the time, I began putting small groups of individuals together for common workouts, but still planning it like a personal training session. Continue reading Why Try Small Group Training?

How Often Should I Exercise to See the Fastest Results?

There’s one thing many of us will question in our lifetime: “How often do I need to exercise to see the fastest results?” Elite has the staff capable of giving you the advice to head in the right direction.  Continue reading How Often Should I Exercise to See the Fastest Results?