How To Maintain Your Workout Routine On The Road

By: Christy Beckmann, Member Services Representative at Elite Sports Clubs-West Brookfield

There are two types of travel; vacation (yay!!) and business trips.  And when it comes to your fitness efforts, both are equally capable of throwing a sizable wrench into your well oiled machine. Going on vacation is a great way to unwind and, let’s be honest, indulge in all the vices we’ve denied ourselves in preparation for it. But after all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve put into our training for weeks preceding the trip, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste. After just two, workout free weeks, your aerobic fitness and muscle strength can decline as much as 15%. That’s certainly enough to notice a difference on your first day back in the gym. It takes double the time to regain what you lose, and no one wants that.

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How to Tell if You are Overtraining & How to Prevent It

Overtraining and Prevention-Elite Sports Clubs

Last week we gave a brief description of overtraining, who is susceptible, how it occurs, and the mechanisms. Now we’d like to cover the mechanisms of overtraining, the signs and symptoms, the hidden factors of overtraining, what helps prevent it, and what you as an exerciser can take home from this post. Continue reading How to Tell if You are Overtraining & How to Prevent It

8 Tips for Exercising More Effectively

Tips for Exercising More Effectively-Elite Sports Clubs

There are those members that come in and barely get to a point of sweating and it’s off to the showers. Others work very hard and are breaking a heavy sweat by the time their workout is complete. Some members show up as little as once a week. Others are there almost every day for hours on end. But who is right? Continue reading 8 Tips for Exercising More Effectively

Are You Overtraining?

Are You Overtraining-Elite Sports Clubs

There is a malady in exercise that affects new and seasoned exercisers alike. This malady is overtraining and can be harmful for the unsuspecting exerciser. If unrecognized and exercise modification does not occur, overtraining can cause stagnation, decrease in exercise gains or even injury. Overtraining is defined as excessive frequency, volume, or intensity of training, resulting in fatigue (which is due to the lack of proper rest and recovery). Continue reading Are You Overtraining?