Ski Prep Workout

Without a doubt, skiing requires proper training ahead of time to enjoy yourself as well as avoiding injury on the slopes. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete, the following functional ski exercises will be beneficial before your next ski trip. Continue reading Ski Prep Workout

Staff Hightlight: Scott Eigenberg

Scott Eigenberg has been with Elite Sports Club – Brookfield for over 2 years now, and during that time we’ve gotten to know him not only as a member services representative, but also as the basketball and table tennis league coordinator. He’s put on some great tournaments over the years too. But did you know that Scott has worked in the fitness & recreation industry since he was in middle school? Learn more about Scott Eigenberg and his lifelong passion for health and fitness. Continue reading Staff Hightlight: Scott Eigenberg

Yin and Yang: The Power of Yoga

It is amazing that a 5000 year old tradition has become such a popular way of life today. The power of yoga lies in its simplicity, flexibility, and diversity. The benefits range from inner peace, to increased overall fitness, to healing aches and pains. Many people think that yoga is “just stretching”. While stretching is certainly involved, the practice is really about creating balance in the body—developing both strength as well as flexibility. Yoga is also known for uniting mind, body, and spirit. Anyone can start a yoga practice, I say if you can breathe you can do yoga! Continue reading Yin and Yang: The Power of Yoga

“TANK” Sled Equipment Review

Meet the newest member of our training arsenal for athletes in the Elite Sports Clubs AMP program—TANK, by Torque Fitness. The Tank is a new sled to aid in the training of the athletes, not only in their strength but also speed and explosiveness. Besides having wheels, this piece is unique from other sleds in its variable resistance as well. Continue reading “TANK” Sled Equipment Review

Beginner’s Guide to Challenge Races

They are known by a few different names: mud runs, challenge races, and obstacle races, to name a few. You may have heard of some of the more popular ones like the Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race, the Dirty Girl, and the Warrior Dash. But what exactly are they? Do I have to get electrocuted? Will I have to run through fire? This article will cover a lot of the basics and hopefully clear up many questions. Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Challenge Races