Fitness Evaluation: What’s the Problem?

By Susan Madden, Member, Mom, and Guest Blogger

I think it would be easier to tell you what areas of my body aren’t problem areas.  My ankles, for one.   I’ve always had skinny ankles.  However, ankles rarely factor into the equation when trying on bikinis.  And so begins my journey to finally blast some of those areas that always seem to be a problem.  It may sound like I’m being hard on myself, but I’m really not.  I’m being honest with myself.  There’s a big difference. 

As part of my journey to becoming more fit, I took the first step toward my 25lb weight-loss goal and attended my first fitness evaluation.  I wore my most flattering yoga pants (ha!) and a running top that I was certain flattered my shoulders.  How bad could this really be?  I knew I’d be asked my weight.  Big deal.  We all know that scales outside the home add 7lbs.  I was prepared for the number.  BMI?  No problem.  I’m sure I’m close to 30.  After all, I did just have a baby…9 months ago? (Target is 25. I’m not quite in target form…add 5.  Yes, that makes sense).  Numbers don’t scare me.  I got this.

The trainer and I hit it off instantly.  We discussed my fitness history and the lack thereof in the recent years.  She proceeded to ask me about any injuries that may prevent me from exercise.  Again, I was prepared.  I went on to explain that I had been born with a fused bone in my right foot, which was discovered in high school after I broke it. (I didn’t tell her that I was also wearing 5 inch platform sandals at the time.) I expected her to nod with empathy, and say something to the extent of “Oh, that explains why it’s difficult for you to run.”  Rather, her eyes lit up with excitement “No, way!  I have the same thing!”

No. Way.

My cover was blown.  The most flattering yoga pants and all the cute workout gear in the world couldn’t save me this time.  As she lead me through a series of mobility tests, it became alarmingly clear how out of shape I was.  I can run after my kids all day, pull all-nighters when facing a deadline, and change a diaper while simultaneously changing a light bulb, but I couldn’t even manage to do one push-up correctly.  It was then, when I decided to take a long, honest look at my physical fitness.

I’ve got a long way to go.  The good news?  I also have a lot of help.  The trainers at Elite are phenomenal.  And classes are offered for every level of fitness.  This month, I am concentrating on Les Mills classes.  I will warn you; these classes are not for the faint of heart.  Each one is designed to challenge and push your limits in different ways.  They won’t be easy.  But they will get the job done. Whether you choose Body Combat to channel your inner ninja, or Body Pump to target and tone those muscles that need a little extra work, you are certain to get a complete workout that will leave you feeling like a warrior.

The holidays never cease to present us with the opportunity to reflect and take stock on what is truly most important.  How many times do we count ourselves in those things for which we value? If you’re like me, I often count myself last.  It’s time to change that, don’t you think?

After all, maybe that’s the real problem.

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