Happy Spring… Cleaning!

Ahh.. spring, how we’ve long awaited your arrival! The sun is shining, splashes of green seem to pop up overnight, and the temperature is [finally] above 30 degrees.

Not so fast!

We know it’s everyone’s favorite time of year – we’re on the brink of summer. But before you pull out all of your spring/summer clothes, there’s something you probably intentionally forgot about.

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It’s time for some spring cleaning (a.k.a. the worst part about spring, ranking just above allergies and construction). And there is one spot in your house that probably needs it the most – we’re talking the fridge. The idea of having to clean out that giant cube that is currently stuffed with leftovers from two weeks ago, a surplus of condiments, and at least two expired yogurt cups from last July, probably makes you want to do this…


Alas, you don’t need to worry. We want you to get outside and be active just as much as you do, so we’ve put together a few quick and easy ways to give your fridge a spring makeover. (You can thank us later)

Toss it. Purge the leftovers. If you haven’t eaten it yet, you aren’t going to – yes, that includes the pizza from last night. Don’t forget the condiments. (Seriously, who needs that many bottles of mustard?)

Label it. Before sticking those condiments back in the fridge, label the shelves on the door. It may take time, but train yourself and your family to put things back where they belong. Not to mention, when everything has a set place it’s easier to find.

Clear bin it. It’s harder to forget what’s in your fridge if you can see it without digging. We suggest using separate bins for the following:

  • Fruits-  strawberries, oranges, kiwi, etc.
  • Veggies- tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc.
  • Yogurt- instead of losing a straggler to the back of the fridge for a year, keep them together.
  • Egg holder- will better protect your delicate little friends and they are stackable!
  • Snack station- no more hunting for the string cheese that you just know is in there!

Drawer it. Now that you’ve got room in those two bottom drawers, toss root veggies in one and all types of veggies in the other.

Shelf It.  You’re freezer isn’t getting off that easy! Grab a couple magazine holders to make instant freezer shelves, great for storing that half-full bag of veggies!

What are you waiting for? Get to work!


Hey, we know you don’t want to, but think of it like this… all that stuff you have to toss out (be honest – you know there’s a lot) you’ll get a good workout. And you’ll be happier when you open the fridge.

Do you have any tips for cleaning up and reorganizing your fridge?

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