Health Up Your Holidays!

By Sarah Dusseau, Head Chef & Owner of Fit Food Trainer

Health Up Your Holidays-Fit Food Trainer at Elite

Cookies, cakes & pies – as tempting as these holiday treats are, they can be brutal to your waistline! Why wait until January to jump on the healthy eating band wagon?

With a couple of clever swap outs, you can cater a healthy, tasty, & fabulous holiday party!

The trick is to keep it simple.

Often times the best foods have very few ingredients. Clean eating is all about keeping foods as close to their original form as possible. I’ve never gone wrong with a beautifully arranged grilled vegetable platter.

Grilled Vegetable Platter-Fit Food Trainer at Elite

Simply grill your favorite veggies (I like zucchini, red peppers & asparagus), arrange on a platter and garnish with olives, feta, & fresh herbs. Drizzle with a balsamic glaze and you are done!

Bottom line, swap out the simple sugars for healthy grilled veggies for a slimmer holiday party!

Too busy with the upcoming holidays to even think about your family’s meals, let alone holiday party sides? Let Fit Food Trainer help! You don’t want to choose between making a healthy, nutritious meal and getting your workout in–or enjoying the holidays. With Fit Food Trainer, Elite’s pre-order weekly meal service, you don’t have to. Let us show you how you really can have it all! Check out our website to see how it all works, or view this week’s menu.

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