How the Olympics Inspire Us to Get in Shape

Right about now, those New Year’s Resolutions you made to get fit and healthier in 2014 might be getting a bit… well, fuzzy. Let this year’s Winter Olympics be your inspiration, your re-dedication to those resolutions.

Why do the Olympics inspire us so?

The Olympics are all about raw emotion, the stories of people overcoming mountainous obstacles, defying the odds against them and showing us the incredible things we’re all capable of that resonate and inspire us to do the same. After the 1996 Olympic games, when Kerri Strug stuck her vault landing while injured propelling  the ‘Magnificent Seven’  to a first ever gold medal for the woman’s gymnastic team, you totally wanted to be a gymnast. Sure you way too tall and couldn’t do a cartwheel to save your life, you settled for going to the gym. Olympic stories like that inspire us to push ourselves.

How to get started on your journey to take the fitness gold?

Whether the Olympics have inspired you to start working out, recommit yourself to the gym or help you train for your newly discovered passion for speed skating, one of our personal trainers can help you get on track. Your initial consultation is FREE, no obligation! What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself, seize the glory of achieving what you never thought you could.

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In parting, we leave you with this 15 minute Olympic-inspired bodyweight workout from the Daily Burn.

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