Get to Know Michael Ruch of FitFoodMKE Meal Services

Get to Know Michael Ruch of FitFoodMKE Meal Services

Elite Sports Clubs works closely with FitFoodMKE to provide our members healthy and convenient meal options. We sat down to talk with Michael Ruch, the owner and head chef of FitFoodMKE, about how he got started in the pre-made meal services industry. 

What inspired you to start cooking?

When I was young I always enjoyed cooking for my family. It began with making breakfast and then progressed into dinners and surfing the web for new interesting recipes to prepare for both friends and family alike.

How long have you been working in the food industry?

At the age of 16 I was asked to fill in on a catering event for a family friend. To my delight, I provided a significant contribution to the food need of the event. From then on I have been cooking as a means of income and truly enjoy what I do to this day.

How do you keep food healthy while cooking in mass amounts?

It really isn’t much different from cooking a healthy meal for yourself at home. For keeping things healthy, it is all about the integrity of your ingredients! We use low fat oils, fresh seasonal vegetables and lean meats. Ultimately, the most important thing about cooking healthy is knowing what types of foods to cook and how to cook them. When cooking these items in a mass amount depends on the equipment and the staff on hand.

What is your education background when it comes to healthy cooking?

I’m self-taught when it comes to my culinary experience for the most part. Yet, my first influence in regards to healthy cooking came from Jill Check. Jill is a certified raw food chef and is very well versed in healthy cooking. Through the years Jill has become a great friend and amazing mentor.

What are some of your previous experiences?

Previously I headed off professional landscaping and tree removal job sites. This has since influenced me to pursue the establishment of a FitFoodMKE farm. Ultimately, I hope that when it comes to “field to fork” it will be my field we bring to everyone’s fork.

FitFoodMKE Sample Meal

What are the most important things that you would like the blog readers to know about your company?

  • Our meals are ready to eat with no need for any prep work, simply heat and eat!
  • Every week we release a new menu so our clients always have new items to enjoy.
  • We have no minimum or maximum for weekly orders. Simply order what you need for that week. (Clients order a full week’s worth of meals at a time. Not what you need each day, as we currently only deliver on Mondays.)

How large is your company?

FitFoodMKE comprises of 7 different gym locations and has 8 employees. FitFoodMKE was established in 2013 and every week, month, and year we experience growth and improvements.

What are the core values of FitFoodMKE?

Assisting as many people as possible in achieving their health and dietary goals.

How do you prepare your healthy meals?

We produce all our meals in a private kitchen in Mequon.

How do you deliver them to your customers?

Every Monday meals are delivered by 6PM or later at the gym location of your choice.

How do your customers get their meals?

  • Every Tuesday a new menu will be released by midnight.
  • All orders are due the following Saturday at midnight.
  • Add desired breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks options to your “cart”.
  • PRIOR to proceeding to checkout, select your desired pick-up location/club (located directly below Terms and Conditions).
  • You can pick up at any one of Elite’s 5 locations.
  • Each Monday after 6PM your meals will be delivered to your desired club location.

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