Kay’s Corner: A Special ‘Thanks’ for Thanksgiving

By Kay Yuspeh, Elite Sports Clubs Owner & CEO

It has been just over a year since I had the pleasure of welcoming our fifth club to the Elite Sports Club family. Our expansion to 5 fitness centers with a combined 44 tennis courts, 11 exercise studios, and 4 full basketball courts has made this year an exciting step forward for us. With Thanksgiving just around the corner I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to all of you, the members and staff that make our family here at Elite so special.

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Workout Wednesday: Don’t Forget to Limber-up!

Limber Up Warm Up Elite Sports Clubs

Many of us tend to forget the importance of regularly warming up before our workouts. Now, that warm up may vary from person to person, or workout to workout, but the point being, it should always be the first step you take before you even think of jumping into those Tabata sprints or that heavy lifting session. In this post, we’d even like to encourage you to limber up before you head out on your Black Friday or Small Business Saturday shopping sprees. Continue reading Workout Wednesday: Don’t Forget to Limber-up!

What’s Your Healthy?

By Rita Larsen, RD; Elite Sports Clubs Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor

Answers to "What Is Your Healthy?" Elite Sports Clubs

What constitutes being “healthy” carries a different meaning for everyone. For some, it’s a 3 mile run, strolling the farmers market or getting enough sleep. For others, it’s managing stress, spending time with friends and learning new things. Recently, an insurance company completed a national study with the help of Harris Interactive, polling Americans 25 to 64 years old. It showed the different paths that people take to achieve their own version of healthy. Here’s a snapshot of the results: Continue reading What’s Your Healthy?

Member Stories: 60 Seconds of Inspiration

Here’s 60 quotes to motivate your Monday! How do you kick off your week? Do motivational quotes help keep you moving towards your goals? Tell us in the comments!

  1. “If you wait, all that happens is you get older.” Larry McMurtry
  2. Friedrich-Nietzsche-Picture-Quote
  3. “Don’t worry, and don’t kick yourself forever. Just take the opportunities when they come.” Bob Diamond in “Defending Your Life,” written by Albert Brooks
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By Annie Farley, Elite Sports Club-Mequon Group Exercise Director & Trainer

Ladies…  put down those teeny dumbbells you found stacked in the corner at the gym and confidently march over to the heavier weights. Do not fear those iron barbells and dumbbells – I promise they will not bite!  Do not shy away from the squat rack – it’s not nearly as intimidating as it looks. Do not fear the sweaty, muscle-bound dudes that strut around you – they may look tough, but they’re not going to judge you.   In fact, they’re more likely to admire you for ditching the elliptical machines to join them on the other side of the room! Continue reading WHY DO WE FEAR THE GYM?