The 80/20 Food/Fitness Rule & Pre/Post Workout Eating

Woman Eating Post Workout

For years, I have had many opportunities to discuss the tremendous overall benefits of the food you eat and how it works in harmony with your fitness! In fact, it is a ratio of 20% fitness experience and 80% dietary input, according to the experts. Your food intake can be a powerful force in providing you with good fluids, special electrolytes, and super energy sources following a workout.

After a workout of course you are going to be tired and maybe a little hungry! (But fortunately, it also comes with a sense of well-being as the endorphins begin to release in your brain.) Many record that they need some salt, some fluids, and maybe a quick punch of sugar. I personally like to suggest the “Eat-Clean Principles” authored by Tosca Reno, in which she suggests:

Consuming 15g carbs before and >20g protein after your workout.

I like these thoughts and cannot stress enough that you choose the simplest of carbohydrates and the simplest of proteins in this case. Here are some homemade pre- and post-workout snack ideas:

  • You can certainly bring your own supply of fruit or vegetable juices to drink before the workout, or maybe a banana.
  • Some protein, such as nuts and cheese, make a good protein afterwards, and store well in your bag.
  • You may also want an instant container of soup and just add hot water. This is a much better re-supply for sodium or salt, than any package of saltines or chips.

Or you may want to try some of these choices, for carbohydrates and proteins now available at Elite Sports Clubs‘ E-Cafés! My favorites are:

  • Creamy, rich smoothies made in a variety of flavors, with really good fruit purees, as a base, plus you can add vitamin boosts, extra protein such as whey, and you can even choose a low calorie variety. They are a big hit!
  • Another source of good protein is the Organic Chocolate Milk. These drinks are 8oz and 150 calories. Or you can try the No Milk-just casein, Muscle Milk for 140 calories, 20g protein.
  • Otherwise, we have good fruit juices, and teas.
  • Fresh, hydrating beverages are also available, such as Sparkling Ice, no calories, a little carbonation, and no calories.
  • Another new arrival is Susie’s Nature Bars. The calories are just over 265; and they are good sources of protein and fiber, about 6g each or more. But their fiber is extremely high quality nuts and seeds, with a variety of fruit binders. They are delicious and fresh!

Just remember, a good protein snack such as an energy bar should be about 6-20g of protein; whereas a good source of protein for a meal should be 3oz meat or 30g protein as a “full meal bar.” Don’t forget, your good food choices will make it or break it for you on your personal program!

Need help getting set up on a personal plan or figuring out some go-to pre- and post-workout foods? Let us help! Just let us know a little bit about your goals and we can get started!

What are your favorite pre- and post-workout snacks? Tell us in the comments!

Rita Larsen, RD, CD
Nutrition Educator and Diet Counselor
262-391-1003 (cell)

Member Monday: Greg Gorak Receives FAA Master Pilot Award

“Member Monday” is where we take the time to acknowledge one of our Elite Sports Clubs members for not just their health & fitness accomplishments, but also amazing feats in other aspects of their lives.Greg Gorak and his FAA Master Pilot Award

Today we’d like to acknowledge long-time Elite Sports Clubs member, Greg Gorak. Greg has been a member of Elite Sports Clubs for over 27 years and last fall was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, which recognizes pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 or more years.

Recipients are awarded a certificate and a lapel pin and are recognized in the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award-Roll of Honor located online at

Greg Gorak Receives FAA Master Pilot Award

We congratulate Greg on his accomplishment and truly believe he is an “elite” member!

If you have an “elite” story to share about your own personal accomplishment or someone else’s please share it with us at or tweet it to us @MyEliteStory! We’d love to hear from you!

All Things Fitness: New Outdoor Boot Camp Facility

We are excited to announce that Elite Sports Club-Mequon is building a new specialty outdoor boot camp & obstacle course training area! The equipment (detailed below) will be offered as a part of personal and small group training to our members. This is something many of our members have been asking for and we are happy to be able to provide such a unique outdoor space to really help members enhance their fitness and athletic ability. We hope this setup will not only be able to help members get in shape, but also help prepare them for the very popular obstacle course adventure races such as Tough Mudder, Muddy Buddy, Warrior Dash, and Dirty Girl. We look forward to showing you the progress of the build in the coming weeks with hopes of offering classes by our next small group training session!

Now to the good stuff! As far as the space itself, it is going to be broken up into 3 different areas, so for clarification we will call these Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3.

Elite Mequon Boot Camp Obstacle Course Before

Area 1 – located south of the air conditioning unit
Area 1 will be composed of 4 specific structures, tires, a bench, dip bars, and a rebounding wall.

  • Tires – We are going to have 2 tires standing up on end, buried about 2/3 the way into the ground. These will primarily be used for pounding with a sledgehammer.
  • Bench – This is going to be an 8ft long bench, that will be about 3-4 feet wide, and 20 inches tall. We will primarily use this for doing box jumps, step-ups, and incline push-ups.
  • Dip Bars – These will be 2 parallel bars that will be about 3-4 feet tall and 2-2.5 feet apart, and will primarily be used for triceps dips and core work.
  • Rebounding Wall – This will be on the re-enforced side of the wall surrounding the air conditioning unit, used for doing medicine ball slams.

Elite Mequon Boot Camp Obstacle Course Before

Area 2 – located just north of the air conditioning unit
This will be our largest and most noticeable section of the Boot Camp area. This will be where we have the pull-up structures, monkey bars, and over-under logs

  • Pull-Up Structures – We are going to have 2 6x6x10 structures with pull-up bars on each side. There will also be a climbing rope attached to the top in the center of the unit and battling ropes on the bottom.
  • Monkey bars – The Monkey Bars will be 10 feet long, connecting the 2 pull-up structures. We will also be able to attach TRX units to these for doing different TRX exercises. On each end, we are going to have a high rebounding target for doing medicine tosses.
  • Over-Under Logs – We will have 5 different logs of varying height that will be between 6-8 feet long and anywhere between 3-5 ft tall.

Elite Mequon Boot Camp Obstacle Course Before

Area 3 – located just north of area 2 on the other side of the emergency door for the tennis courts
This area will be where we will have the power sled and agility tires.

Areas 1 and 2 will be covered with wood chips, while area 3 will be grass. We will be building a fence around the air conditioning unit to protect and beautify it.

If you are interested in more information on the new boot camp/obstacle course outdoor facility or just in training in general, please contact us using this form. We also encourage you to subscribe to our fitness & training emails to stay in the know about what training programs we are offering.

Are you signed up for any obstacle course adventure races? Which ones and how are you training for them? Tell us in the comments!

Fitness Equipment Tutorial: The Back Extension Machine

Muscles targeted
This machine is primarily used to strengthen the muscles of the lower back, but also works the glutes and hamstrings.
You want to make sure you adjust the thigh pads so the tops of the pads come to just below the crease in your hips. This allows your body to hinge forward at the waist while providing you with as much support as possible. Place your feet fully on the platform and ensure your calves are supported by the calf pads.
Keeping a flat back, lower yourself down as low as possible while hinging at the hips.  You should look like an upside-down V from the side. Maintaining the flat back, bring yourself back up until your body is in a straight line. Repeat.
back extension machine exercise example
If you have any questions about how to use the equipment in the Fitness Center, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our certified fitness professionals. They are always there to help at Elite Sports Clubs! Want more advice & tips on how to get fit, just let us know a little bit about your interests and goals by submitting this short form. Or if you are just interested in what equipment we have to offer at Elite Sports Clubs, contact one of our Fitness Directors using this form.

There is Not Only One Way to Approach Eating, Diet & Nutrition-Finding the Program That Works for You!

Here's what 500 calories of food looks like! Each of these is 500cal!
Here’s what 500 calories of food looks like! Each of these are 500 calories that you could easily eliminate!

By Rita Larsen, R.D., Professional Dietary Counseling, Elite Sports Clubs

Many people will be confused in the thought that there is only one way to approach a new eating plan. If they do not follow it, they are sure to be a failure. Truthfully, diet and related eating plans will work in your favor almost every time as long as you have created enough change. This change will come through a number of situations, such as exercise, a new eating plan, or an alteration in the eating schedule. Let’s examine this idea a little further.

Experts suggest that any time there is a desire to change the quantity or quality of the foods we are eating for the ultimate “body transformation” it is possible to do with minimal changes to your current program. For example:

Weight loss occurs with the reduction of 500 calories at the most for a day. It does not need to be any more than that. If this is true, find the food in the least important spot; as a snack in the afternoon of a bag of chips or a candy, and eliminate it. It could be all that you need to do!

Next, plan to regroup the foods that you are eating into a new “schedule”. Eating earlier in the day works the best! If you cannot do this, then divide the foods evenly throughout the day so that it will make sense for your schedule. Never too much at any one time is a good guide!

Finally, plan to put a little more exercise in the works! Another 60 minutes per week will help your program a great deal. Most of the time, people have a harder time taking time for exercise than any concern with the exercise. Allow yourself the chance to do something new for you!

Ideas: Plan the food in a way that works for you!

  • Cut one food item out that doesn’t even mean anything!
  • Add just a little more exercise a week!


Rita is available for one-on-one consultations and also offers group programs to help you reach your weight loss goals, starting with an easy approach to eating as mentioned above! Get started today by letting us know a little more about you and your goals!