Healthy Green Menu for St. Patrick’s Day

Looking to get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day but don’t necessarily have a taste for Irish food? No problem! We’ve compiled a full menu of healthy green foods so you can get in the Irish spirit and not overindulge at the same time. Check out these 5 green recipes for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Continue reading Healthy Green Menu for St. Patrick’s Day

Staff Highlight: Jessica Heller

Jessica Heller is the Aquatics Director at Elite Sports Club-Mequon. She teaches a wide array of aquatics exercise classes, swim lessons, and conducts aquatic personal training. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist as well as a certified water safety instructor, Jessica specializes in an “outside the box” teaching style to ensure her students get the most out of their lessons/training sessions. Learn more about Jessica Heller!

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Defying Genetics With A Healthy Lifestyle

We get a lot of who we are from our parents or family tree. Maybe it’s our dad’s nose, our mom’s hair color, or that personality trait we saw in them when we were kids that we swore we’d never do when we grew up. The point is, we chalk a lot up to genetics, including our health, and often we feel that we can do nothing about it. Yet, out of all the above attributes, it may stun you to learn that through a healthy lifestyle, we actually do have the ability to manipulate or even turn off genes that put us at risk for afflictions like diabetes or heart problems.

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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga is not just for slim girls in yoga pants anymore. More athletes, including professionals, are finding the benefits of yoga. If you think yoga is a waste of your precious time lifting weights or doing cardio, think again. Developing a steady practice can actually help you get stronger. You will learn to control your body and your mind. Yoga for athletes has numerous benefits that improve performance. Continue reading Yoga for Athletes

Diet vs. DNA: Which Really Determines Body Shape

We all have that one friend who can eat anything and never workout without any negative consequences. On the other hand, there’s the friend who eats healthy and is active but may still gain weight. How much of this can be attributed to genetics and how much does environment play a role? To further explore this scenario, we’ll have to get scientific, but don’t worry, this is more fun than high school biology class so keep reading! Let’s find out who wins in the battle of Diet vs. DNA. Continue reading Diet vs. DNA: Which Really Determines Body Shape