Staff Stories My Recovery Without Surgery

Staff Stories: My Recovery Without Surgery

As the newest member of the Elite trainers team, I thought it might be relevant to outline the path that helped facilitate my participation in a lifestyle of health and fitness.

I was in involved in a rather serious motorcycle accident years ago, that left me with a specific lower back injury that could only be described as complex and very debilitating. After years of enduring many types of physical therapy and countless chiropractic adjustments, I was unable
to function normally, even losing a dream job because of the inability to sit at a desk. The unpredictable nature of the injury and the intensity of the pain that could be triggered by even the simplest movement, started to negatively impact my life mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I was once rushed to the hospital and briefly misdiagnosed with a collapsed lung due to the severity of the muscle constriction around my torso, in a failed attempt to carve the family turkey on Thanksgiving. How Uncle Neil threw his back out carving the turkey is apparently still a funny story to some of my relatives.

After years of treatment with very little improvement, I was facing unpredictable surgery. The surgeons I consulted with at UW Madison said I had only a 33 percent chance of improving my situation, while the remaining 66 percent represented maintaining the status quo or for things to take a turn for the worse (if that was possible). Not to mention a 6 to 8 week recovery period.

Tough choices for a former athlete at the ripe old age of 26. Was there another solution I asked
the doctors? There was another solution but it would take time and dedication, however
it was free (unless you call upon a qualified professional trainer of course). The doctors recommended that I increase my overall fitness and in particular strengthen my
core to the highest level achievable, thus alleviating many of my symptoms.

Many years later, after having avoided surgery and successfully carved many family turkeys without incident, I can say deciding to get physically fit was the most significant, life changing decision I ever made. The circumstances that lead to my decision are regrettable, however the
outcome to choose to make strength training and overall fitness an integral facet of my life, has sustained me very well as I have gotten older.

Through my own experiences and the knowledge I have gained by studying fitness and health practices, I have learned that the best solution to combat many physical, emotional and mental issues, is through fitness. Just like a strong mind and spirit, there is no substitute for a strong body.

There are countless diseases and ailments that can be mitigated or outright avoided by a lifestyle that appreciates the value of consistent exercise. Everyone has the ability to improve themselves and partake in a life with less physical, emotional, and mental distress.

I encourage anyone who is searching for a solution to improve their physical, mental or emotional state to consider exploring the idea of becoming healthier and more fulfilled through consistent exercise and healthier living.

Contact Neil Vallely at the Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield location if you are considering ways to improve your overall health.


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