Roundup of Local Summer Races

With so many local summer races in the area, how do you choose just one? Well, the way we look at it, there’s no need to limit yourself! There are so many different reasons to participate in summer races; reasons that benefit you, and reasons that benefit others. Continue reading Roundup of Local Summer Races

How to Train for Your First 5K (+Free Training Plan)

The 5K race has become one of the most popular racing distances in the United States. While some people sign up for these races as a new training goal to accomplish, others sign up for these races just for the fun environment. Either way, 5K races are on the rise and before you go try one here are some training tips you need to know. Continue reading How to Train for Your First 5K (+Free Training Plan)

Why Your Running Program Isn’t Helping You Get Faster

Running is a sport that is growing at a rapid rate. I think it’s wonderful that so many individuals are taking to the pavement and trails, setting goals and getting more active. As the trend grows, there’s no shortage of groups and clubs to help you get started. In fact, most any running store has a running club or group to help you prepare for an event, whether it be 5K, 10K, half or full marathon. This is a great place to start and keep motivated, as well as be held accountable for your goal. Continue reading Why Your Running Program Isn’t Helping You Get Faster

Pre and Post Race Nutrition Tips

Without a doubt, what you eat and when you eat affects your athletic and race performance. A wisely selected sports diet can help you be stronger, train harder, and compete better. Use the following sports nutrition tips to help optimize your performance. Continue reading Pre and Post Race Nutrition Tips

Staff Stories: Running for “Non-Runners”

By Scott Eigenberg, Member Services Representative at Elite Sports Club-Brookfield

If you are anything like me, you don’t really like running. Okay, let me rephrase that. I both like it and hate it at the same time. I like the challenge. I like what it does for my overall health and fitness. And at some level I like how it makes me feel alive.

But as someone who has fully embraced an active lifestyle as part of my busy schedule, I don’t just want to limit myself to only running. I like cross-training, lifting weights, playing sports, and taking classes. There are only so many hours in the day, and it is actually the diversity in my physical activities that has helped me excel as a part time runner in races such as the 5K, 10K, and half marathons. Continue reading Staff Stories: Running for “Non-Runners”