8 Reasons to Keep Moving

We’ve all heard that a sedentary lifestyle can do us more harm than good. But exactly how much more harm? The effects of being sedentary go far beyond what you might think; more than hurting your heart and bringing on weight gain. We’ve created a quick list of eight reasons you should keep moving.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Family Exercise Into Your Week

Often times it’s difficult enough finding time to squeeze in a workout for yourself. Finding time for family exercise can be a downright chore. How do you get everyone together at the same time for a workout?! One trick is to rethink your idea of exercise. A workout doesn’t necessarily have to be lifting weights, swimming laps, or pounding the treadmill. When thinking of family exercise, think more along the lines of leading an active lifestyle. With a new way of thinking, you’ll be able to fit in more than you think…with the whole family. Continue reading 5 Ways to Incorporate Family Exercise Into Your Week

15 Ways to Be More Active In Everyday Life

Wondering how you can be more active in today’s sedentary lifestyle? So many of us spend hours in front of screens, whether at work, watching television, or reading things online. This level of inactivity can sometimes lead to weight gain, fatigue, or an increased risk of certain health issues. In our experience, active people are healthier and happier.

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How to Transition From Lazy to Active

Lazy: unwilling to work or use energy. Synonyms: idle, slothful, shiftless, inactive, under active, sluggish, lethargic…

How do you go from lazy to active? It’s probably safe to say that we all know what it’s like to be lazy now and again. Sometimes laziness slowly creeps into our days, and then our weeks, and then our months, and suddenly we’ve become lazy all the time. It can happen to us without even recognizing that it’s happening, and there are a plethora of different reasons why it happens. In this post, we won’t get into the why right now, but we will get into a few steps you can take to initiate the move from lazy to active. Continue reading How to Transition From Lazy to Active

Small Math to Get You on Track

So you’re looking to lose some weight, tone up a little bit, or cut some of those unhealthy calories from your diet. But at the same time, you work a full time job, you’re a full time parent, and you have to get to the gym for that full hour of cardio or you may only have 5 minutes for a snack. Lucky for you, math can help. Let’s do some homework! Continue reading Small Math to Get You on Track