Your Tennis Questions, Answered

Mike Sharp, Director of Tennis at Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield takes time to answer a few common tennis questions we often get from members here at Elite Sports Clubs. Continue reading Your Tennis Questions, Answered

How to Rediscover your Relationship with Tennis

Today, I played tennis for the first time in 20 years, and I’m hooked for life. The drive to Elite River Glen took only 10 minutes, but mustering up the courage to walk through the door and pick up a racquet took decades longer. The last time I played tennis was the summer before 5th grade through the Whitefish Bay Rec Department. I moved on quickly to other interests but somewhere in the back of my mind, I always thought that tennis may have been “the sport that got away.” So, when I heard about the Mom’s Tennis Group at Elite, and how it’s for beginners and seasoned players alike, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to rekindle my relationship with the sport. Once you know the Who, What, Where, When and Why about this group, chances are you’ll want in on it too!

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Be a Tennis Pro by Summer’s End! Here’s How

It’s no accident, I think, that tennis uses the language of life. Advantage, service, fault, break, love, the basic elements of tennis are those of everyday existence, because every match is a life in miniature. Even the structure of tennis, the way the pieces fit inside one another like Russian nesting dolls, mimics the structure of our days. Points become games become sets become tournaments, and it’s all so tightly connected that any point can become the turning point. It reminds me of the way seconds become minutes become hours, and any hour can be our finest. Or darkest. It’s our choice.”
― Andre AgassiOpen

Tennis is not just a sport, it’s a passion, an expression of life! This summer, we want to share that passion with all of you with two new adult beginner tennis programs and free open court time during June, July and August at all Elite locations. It’s the perfect time to get involved in tennis! Checkout what we’ve got in store for you

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Member Stories: Susana & Marina Wigdale “We love to pool hop!”

Elite Sports Club Members-Marina Wigdale
Susana Wigdale’s daughter, Marina; both Elite Sports Clubs members

We’re extremely proud of our members. Over the years their work out agendas and sporting endeavors serve as healthy examples of how it feels to be “Elite,” and how exercise not only adds years to your life, but life to your years! Today we’d like to highlight another member’s experience:

My daughter, Marina, and I joined Mequon Elite as soon as the pool opened during renovations a number of years ago. Continue reading Member Stories: Susana & Marina Wigdale “We love to pool hop!”