Post-Match Tennis Recovery: A Guide for the Casual Player

One of the biggest things Elite Sports Clubs focuses on is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While, all sports have their own set of recovery methods, in this article, we focus on tennis recovery. Two of the tennis professionals at the Brookfield location explained the best rehabilitation methods after a tennis match.  Continue reading Post-Match Tennis Recovery: A Guide for the Casual Player

What to Eat at Summerfest in Milwaukee

It can be challenging to have so many food choices at Summerfest. This year, for their 50th Celebration, there is going to be an all-out effort to have the very best of new and old favorites. Just perfect for all of us! Let’s take a look at what to eat at Summerfest in Milwaukee this year. And, at the same time, what may make for the healthiest choices while you’re there. Continue reading What to Eat at Summerfest in Milwaukee

Healthy Eating on the Road

As the school year comes to an end many of us are looking to get out of town, and with that, it is worth thinking about how we eat when we are on the road. Many daytime activities for children and adults require that food be brought to the event as a “bag lunch.” Or, you will simply be invited to the local pizza parlor for a meal. So, what do you do? Let’s take a look at the best suggestions on just how to handle these common eating situations while you’re around town or on a trip. Continue reading Healthy Eating on the Road

How to Overcome Failure

How do you¬†succeed when others (and maybe you too) have previously failed? You’ve tried everything. You’ve gone on all of the diets. You’ve followed them to the letter. You’ve exercised. Now what? How do you turn a previous failure into success? Continue reading How to Overcome Failure

Why There’s No Such Thing as the Best Exercise

Last week we discussed the new and intriguing field of “nutrigenetics“, and how all of us, while we share a lot in common, do have individual differences in how our bodies respond to food, exercise, and other environmental factors. This week, I want to emphasize that in exercise, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. There is no one best exercise, there are lots of different types of cardio, weight lifting strategies, combination workouts and sports that people either naturally gravitate to, or find over time. As a trainer, I find that people come in with sets of issues, and it’s my job to navigate those to find not only the safest workout, but also the most palatable. And it needs to produce results! This can be a challenge, as you might imagine. Continue reading Why There’s No Such Thing as the Best Exercise