5 Misconceptions About Tennis

Whether you’re new to tennis or you’ve been playing the sport for years, there are several common misconceptions that often label the sport. Here’s five common misconceptions of Tennis debunked.

Misconception #1
Tennis is expensive
While it’s true that club fees and new equipment prices can add up, the truth about tennis is that it can be played just about anywhere. Whether you’re playing on a top rated court or in your own backyard, you will still reap the many physical benefits tennis has to offer.

Elite offers “savings time” rates for court time during the indoor season and free court time during the summer.

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Youth Tennis Progression: How to Become a Top Junior Tennis Player

Progressing your child’s tennis game can be a daunting task. Elite Sports Clubs, through its decades leading Wisconsin junior tennis players to the top, has a suggested progression for your child. We provide two paths, one for the 10 and under tennis player and another for the 11 and over tennis player. Each path offers 9-10 steps with the ultimate goal of collegiate tennis. Most junior tennis players do not exceed step 4. These steps should be guidelines as each child is unique and you should consult their tennis professional for more personalized advice. Continue reading Youth Tennis Progression: How to Become a Top Junior Tennis Player