Roasted Butter Pecans Recipe

A quick and easy snack or appetizer that will be sure to delight the palates of all you are serving!

Pecans are often a favorite during the fall months, especially around Thanksgiving. They are quite versatile, and can be seasoned sweet or savory. Pecans make a great topper for desserts, salads, starches such as sweet potatoes, and even meat. So, give this a recipe a try to get you started, and then share with us how you use them in the comments.

(Bonus: this is a complete microwave recipe.) Continue reading Roasted Butter Pecans Recipe

Fit for Fall: Exercise & Activity Ideas for Cooler Weather

Exercise and activity ideas for cooler weather

Here in Wisconsin we have been far from the “frozen tundra” our state has been so fondly nicknamed. Granted, it’s only October, but this time of year tends to be quite unpredictable for our lovely corner of the world. We have seen everything from rain, to sleet, to snow during the Autumn months. (I fondly remember Trick-or-Treating in my snowpants one year as a child.) Continue reading Fit for Fall: Exercise & Activity Ideas for Cooler Weather