Want to Improve Your Golf Game? Try Yoga!

By Kirsten Hinz, Certified Yoga for Golfers Instructor

Regulation play requires that you can carry up to 14 clubs in your bag. Yet, the most important club in your bag is your body. If your body cannot perform optimally, it doesn’t matter how many sessions you take with a pro or how much money you spend on a new driver. Your body is your secret weapon for getting/staying in shape and shooting lower scores. Continue reading Want to Improve Your Golf Game? Try Yoga!

Sport-Specific Training, Exercise & the Physical Therapist

By: Kurt Alt, PT. and Sandy Moloney, MPT of Elite’s SMART Clinic


**Members can stop into the SMART Clinic for a FREE injury assessment at any of the 5 Elite Sports Clubs locations.**

Several months ago we addressed the question “When Should You Consult a Physical Therapist?” Today we would like to discuss the role of physical therapy can play in your exercise program as well as the advantages working with a physical therapist connected to your health club offers. Continue reading Sport-Specific Training, Exercise & the Physical Therapist

Exercises to Build Rotational Strength & Stability

By Jordan Meyer, Personal Trainer, Elite Sports Club-North Shore

The professional baseball season is in full swing (bad pun!), and that signals the start of youth & bar leagues. Baseball involves a lot of rotational movements, especially through the trunk (from your shoulders to your hips). The exercises below are good for building rotational strength and stability. Do them slowly and deliberately to avoid injury. Remember: if you or your child have been hibernating for the last few months, it’s best to start light until your body remembers what exercise feels like.

Note: These exercises are also good for you golfers out there.

Alternating lunges with a trunk twist exercise:

Cable twist exercise:

Remember to keep your core tight for both of these exercises. The old adage “practice like you play” doesn’t apply here, so go slowly with the rotations. We know you aren’t going to swing a bat or golf club slowly, but rotating slowly is going to build the strength you need to swing quickly.

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.”
-Earl of Derby

Need a little further instruction on these exercises or what else to do to train for a sport (or recover from a sports injury) let us know, we’re here to help!

What exercises do you like to do to prep for baseball, softball, golf, or any other seasonal sport?