Elite Outdoor Fitness Facilities: Mequon & Brookfield

Adventure course, obstacle course, boot camp, TRX rack, outdoor fitness structures, outdoor training facility, whatever you want to call it, we are excited to be able to offer such facilities to our members on BOTH sides of town! Many of you have been following our progress as we build our new outdoor fitness facility at our Mequon location, however not all of you seem to know that we have an existing functional training space and structure at our West Brookfield location. Check out photos of both facilities below!

Elite Sports Club-Mequon Outdoor Fitness Facility:

Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield Outdoor Fitness Facility:

Many of our small group training programs and personal trainers take advantage of each of these spaces when the weather permits. Check out our fitness calendar for current small group training programs. Interested in the outdoor facilities, but not sure where to start? Let us set you up with a trainer and a fitness plan!

Have you used the outdoor training facility at either club? What are your favorite exercises to do using the outdoor structures? Tell us in the comments!

Take Your Workout Into the Great Outdoors

By Jason Liegl, Elite Sports Club-Mequon Personal Trainer

As the weather gets warmer we all like doing more and more activities outdoors. The great thing is that we can get a really good workout in as well without the use of any special equipment.

If you are out for a run or walk, you can add in bodyweight exercises. Squats, lunges, push ups, pull-ups (or arm hangs), jumping jacks or burpees are easy to add. Every time you get to a corner or some other landmark, do your bodyweight exercise.

Park Bench Ab Workout

Another option is using the park. While your kids are playing, you can use the park benches for things like pushups, dips, step-ups, and planks. These will all help you get your exercise in (a great way to squeeze in more activity to reach the suggested guidelines!) Add in a jog from the play area to the bench you are using to incorporate cardio in your strength training.

So, save the gym for your more guided workouts, either with a trainer or in a group exercise class. With just a little creativity, you can get a great workout in while enjoying the great summer weather we wait for all winter! (And make sure you are staying properly hydrated in the heat & sun!)

We understand the value of outdoor workouts at Elite Sports Clubs! That’s why we offer many of our small group training programs outdoors too! Check out Outdoor Boot Camp at our Mequon location, or Train Like a Trainer out of our North Shore location. We also have great set-ups for outdoor yoga utilizing our pool & backyard decks, plus TRX, boot camp, functional, and obstacle course training using our outdoor green space at all of our clubs and specially built structures at our Mequon & West Brookfield clubs.

What is your favorite outdoor workout? How do you utilize park structures for bodyweight exercises? Tell us in the comments!

New Outdoor Boot Camp Facility Update

Progress is being made on our new outdoor boot camp facility at Elite Sports Club-Mequon! Interested in training on the new equipment? Check out this outdoor boot camp small group training starting this summer! We will also offer personal or semi-private training using the new facility. Contact us now if you want to get in on the action!

Elite Outdoor Boot Camp Facility
Assembling the new Elite outdoor boot camp main structure. It will have pull-up bars, climbing rope, battling ropes, monkey bars, and a TRX suspension system.

All Things Fitness: New Outdoor Boot Camp Facility

We are excited to announce that Elite Sports Club-Mequon is building a new specialty outdoor boot camp & obstacle course training area! The equipment (detailed below) will be offered as a part of personal and small group training to our members. This is something many of our members have been asking for and we are happy to be able to provide such a unique outdoor space to really help members enhance their fitness and athletic ability. We hope this setup will not only be able to help members get in shape, but also help prepare them for the very popular obstacle course adventure races such as Tough Mudder, Muddy Buddy, Warrior Dash, and Dirty Girl. We look forward to showing you the progress of the build in the coming weeks with hopes of offering classes by our next small group training session!

Now to the good stuff! As far as the space itself, it is going to be broken up into 3 different areas, so for clarification we will call these Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3.

Elite Mequon Boot Camp Obstacle Course Before

Area 1 – located south of the air conditioning unit
Area 1 will be composed of 4 specific structures, tires, a bench, dip bars, and a rebounding wall.

  • Tires – We are going to have 2 tires standing up on end, buried about 2/3 the way into the ground. These will primarily be used for pounding with a sledgehammer.
  • Bench – This is going to be an 8ft long bench, that will be about 3-4 feet wide, and 20 inches tall. We will primarily use this for doing box jumps, step-ups, and incline push-ups.
  • Dip Bars – These will be 2 parallel bars that will be about 3-4 feet tall and 2-2.5 feet apart, and will primarily be used for triceps dips and core work.
  • Rebounding Wall – This will be on the re-enforced side of the wall surrounding the air conditioning unit, used for doing medicine ball slams.

Elite Mequon Boot Camp Obstacle Course Before

Area 2 – located just north of the air conditioning unit
This will be our largest and most noticeable section of the Boot Camp area. This will be where we have the pull-up structures, monkey bars, and over-under logs

  • Pull-Up Structures – We are going to have 2 6x6x10 structures with pull-up bars on each side. There will also be a climbing rope attached to the top in the center of the unit and battling ropes on the bottom.
  • Monkey bars – The Monkey Bars will be 10 feet long, connecting the 2 pull-up structures. We will also be able to attach TRX units to these for doing different TRX exercises. On each end, we are going to have a high rebounding target for doing medicine tosses.
  • Over-Under Logs – We will have 5 different logs of varying height that will be between 6-8 feet long and anywhere between 3-5 ft tall.

Elite Mequon Boot Camp Obstacle Course Before

Area 3 – located just north of area 2 on the other side of the emergency door for the tennis courts
This area will be where we will have the power sled and agility tires.

Areas 1 and 2 will be covered with wood chips, while area 3 will be grass. We will be building a fence around the air conditioning unit to protect and beautify it.

If you are interested in more information on the new boot camp/obstacle course outdoor facility or just in training in general, please contact us using this form. We also encourage you to subscribe to our fitness & training emails to stay in the know about what training programs we are offering.

Are you signed up for any obstacle course adventure races? Which ones and how are you training for them? Tell us in the comments!