Instructor Highlight: Eric Wahl

Eric Wahl is a group exercise instructor and personal trainer out of our Brookfield location. Learn a bit more about him, his favorite parts of teaching fitness, and his favorite exercises.  Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Eric Wahl

Instructor Highlight: Susie Montross

Susie Montross has contributed a few posts to the Elite blog; including ones on “The High Cost of NOT Exercising” and “5 Basic Dog Exercises for You & Your Furry Friend”. We’ve also reviewed her Signature Group Training program, “Shred-HIIT”. But in addition to being a certified personal trainer, and Elite Sports Club – Brookfield’s Personal Training Director, Susie also teaches quite a few complimentary group exercise classes too! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Susie Montross

Group Exercise Classes 101

New to exercise or to your health club? Often a great place to start with your fitness routine, and to meet new people, is with group exercise classes. These exercise classes sometimes come at a fee, or if you’re lucky, are included with your membership. Often exercise classes include things like yoga, pilates, bootcamp, strength training, spin/indoor cycling, water aerobics, and just about anything else you could think of to keep you from getting bored. Still, they can be a bit intimidating at first, so here’s a few tips to get you started; plus some simple etiquette as a reminder for not only the newbies, but also the seasoned health club member. Continue reading Group Exercise Classes 101