Pumpkin Energy Bites Recipe

This fall Elite Sports Clubs fitness intern, Taylor Thompson, prepared this dish as a quick energy dessert for willing tasters following their workout at various Elite clubs locations. I personally love the great taste and ease of preparation for these Pumpkin Bites, which could be taken to a holiday party without any baking! Continue reading Pumpkin Energy Bites Recipe

Breakfast Vegetable Frittata Recipe

This vegetable frittata recipe is the perfect example of a good use of vegetables early in the day. It can be prepared the night before and you’re good to go for the next day. It doesn’t hurt that this recipe is extremely easy too! Continue reading Breakfast Vegetable Frittata Recipe

How I Learned to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

There’s all sorts of recommendations out there for how to start your day. Some swear by drinking a large glass of water before they even get out of bed. Others meditate or do a yoga stretching routine. And then it’s breakfast time, and most adults head straight for the coffee maker, and this is where the dilemma begins.

What to eat first? Most people have given up fruit juice and are choosing fresh fruit. That is a great start. Then we go on to our protein and maybe a carbohydrate choice. Let’s just say an egg and toast combo. Lastly, and maybe most important, how about a side of vegetables?! Continue reading How I Learned to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

Mango Peach Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Smoothie bowls are the new craze. Use whatever fruit, nuts, and seeds you have on hand to make this super simple and delicious smoothie bowl recipe. But keep in mind, frozen fruit is often necessary for a good smoothie base. Enjoy! Continue reading Mango Peach Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Super Simple 5 Ingredient Granola Bar Recipe

What’s that saying about ingredients in food? Something about there shouldn’t be more than 5 and you should be able to pronounce them all…Well this super simple 5 ingredient granola bar recipe fits the bill! This is also a recipe that you can make with your children. It is much better than store bought and will keep covered in the refrigerator. Continue reading Super Simple 5 Ingredient Granola Bar Recipe