Biking for Fitness

Cycling is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. It burns a ton of calories, gets your heart rate and metabolism revved up, and builds muscle. But how do you make outdoor riding safer, and what other options are available to ride if you don’t ever want to be on the road? Here are a few tips on biking for fitness! Continue reading Biking for Fitness

Your Healthy Snack Isn’t So Healthy

Treating yourself to a nice healthy salad for a snack today? Too bad that ranch dressing has 145 calories per serving and 15 grams of fat. Watch out for items like this “sneaky snack” when you’re working on your weekly meal plan!

This month we have focused on rewarding yourself in a healthy way, but just because something has the connotation of being healthy, doesn’t mean it actually is. So let’s take a look at those sneaky snacks disguised as being healthy. Continue reading Your Healthy Snack Isn’t So Healthy

Diet Plans and Fitness Plans Must Go Hand-in-Hand

Every year I think back about the efforts that so many club members make in order to compete in the Team Weight Loss Challenge and other programs designed for improved fitness, diet and overall health. The Elite Sports Clubs are fitness facilities, therefore it’s easy to see that most people will look at their time here as primarily fitness-focused, and rightly so. No real study has been done that details what experience new members have had before coming to the clubs, but it would be safe to say that the majority have had good experiences with fitness and want to continue, to learn more and to be even more fit.

But, if you have not kept up with your fitness or diet plans in the past, then you may easily want to do both. It is really important to understand what you can do for a good nutrition plan to compliment fitness; and secondly, if you are looking for weight loss how to accomplish that too. Continue reading Diet Plans and Fitness Plans Must Go Hand-in-Hand

New Recommendation Regarding Sugar Intake

It should not really be surprising that a dietary recommendation has come along to help us with a possible need to cut back on sugar. For years the USDA has been saying that the sugar in our diet was an important ingredient, but that because it did not contain any real “nutrition” it was not going to be regulated. But times have changed—and for many good reasons! Continue reading New Recommendation Regarding Sugar Intake

Are Fast Food Meal Deals Worth It?

You see them all the time, advertisements for some deal or special at a fast food restaurant. Whether it’s “2 for $2,” or “4 for $4,” or even “5 for $4” it’s easy to wonder if these meals are actually worth the few dollars you’ll spend on them. After all, it’s just a quick lunch or dinner, you don’t do this all the time, and now they have “new healthier options!” (Insert jingle here.)

Let me help you navigate a few of the options out there from some popular local fast food restaurants, and we’ll see if making your wallet (and hectic schedule) happy is worth the couple bucks (and couple hundred calories).
Continue reading Are Fast Food Meal Deals Worth It?