What is the Best Form of Exercise?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I doing the exercises that I do?” The best form of exercise is the one that will accomplish your fitness goals in a timely manner without injury. With so many exercises from which to choose, it’s difficult to determine the “best” one. Of course, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at five common cardiovascular exercises and see which one is the best form of exercise.

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The Old School Exercise You Should Still Be Doing

By Luke Lewitzke, CPT, Personal Training Director at Elite Sports Club-Mequon

At times members, colleagues, and general fitness enthusiasts alike stumble across a new product and ask me for my take on it; the latest being the Smart Rope—”a high tech, new and improved jump rope empowered by LED technology and smart data.”

After watching this video, it does look like it could be a fun, new twist on jumping rope. Much like the fitbit, or some of the other new tech equipment, there is a novelty aspect to being able to link the information gathered from it to the phone or computer. It seems like the “it” thing to do. Not to say that this is bad by any means. If it helps get someone more active and provides a fun aspect to fitness, I’m all for it. And essentially that is what this product will hopefully do. Continue reading The Old School Exercise You Should Still Be Doing