Getting Kids Moving and Competing with Video Games

It’s redundant to explain that kids are falling short of the mark with regard to their physical fitness, but a look at the data paints an eye-opening picture: a whopping 80% of kids aren’t getting enough physical activity. The culprit is obvious—screen time is eating up much of our kids’ time. The fastest growing and most profitable sector of screen time options for kids is video games. The level of imagination, engagement, and sensory immersion involved with this $100 billion dollar per year industry was unimaginable years ago, when the games consisted of two paddles and a ball going back and forth. Almost as unimaginable as the fact that about 8 out of 10 kids are now relatively inactive. Continue reading Getting Kids Moving and Competing with Video Games

Staff Highlight: Apinya Jordan

For anyone who has used the Playroom at Elite North Shore for their children, you know that it is so much more than just a dropping point for your kids to stay while you get in a run. The playroom at North Shore is a place where your children get to learn, grow and thrive in a fun, safe and enriching environment. This is the result, in part, due to the staff who work tirelessly in the playroom. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of them, Apinya Jordan. Continue reading Staff Highlight: Apinya Jordan

Summer Survival Tips for a Stay-at-Home Parent

As a mother of a 2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl, my life is constantly being pulled in different directions.  It is an endless quest to find balance and order especially when school is out and schedules become irrelevant.  This is my 3rd Summer as a stay-at-home parent with two children and after some trial and (plenty of) error, I have some tried and true tricks that have kept these long summer days sane and super fun for both me and my kids!  Here are some of my go-to rules to keep my days running smooth. Continue reading Summer Survival Tips for a Stay-at-Home Parent

How to Deal with Picky Eaters

Our kids will always make us swell with pride. Because they are ours in the making. But, in the throes of growing up to be good-eaters, we can count on having our hands full! So, here’s some tips on how to deal with picky eaters. Continue reading How to Deal with Picky Eaters