All in the Family Nutrition Program

Rita Larsen is Elite Sports Clubs’ Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who developed a program for Elite called ‘All in the Family’. In the video clip below Rita talks about this family nutrition program and a few tips on how you can improve eating as a family.

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7-Day Meal Plan & Menu

I’ve already had so many wonderful conversations with members of The Wellness & Lifestyle Challenge. I have been very pleased that so many members truly want to eat better and incorporate healthy nutrition into their lives. Nevertheless, many still struggle to plan ahead for their meals. Keep reading for some member questions regarding this exact issue. Plus, get an easy 7-day menu to get you started. Continue reading 7-Day Meal Plan & Menu

Thanksgiving Meals in a Pinch

When you work a full time job, it’s hard to prepare a huge gourmet Thanksgiving meal. There is a lot of prep work that goes into creating that Martha Stewart-esque dinner, but that kind of time doesn’t always come easy to busy people. So here are some tips in creating a fabulous and fun Thanksgiving dinner without slaving over cranberry cinnamon chive unicorn stuffing. Continue reading Thanksgiving Meals in a Pinch

Everyone Wins When Kids are in the Kitchen

One the best parts of my childhood on and near the Kansas farm country was the incredible education I got when visiting relatives who grew and harvested so many good foods. We would all gather when it was time to put these foods away for winter. Often, we would prepare things for the root cellar they had in their basements. Dark, cool places where foods that were canned or cured could last a very long time. I always thought it was very mysterious to have these things put away for a snowy day. The longer they sat the more delicious they became.

These canned meats, pickles, fruits, and all kinds of vegetables have become a part of my everyday diet today. I think it is possible that my appreciation for foods and nutrition began during these very early formative days. And, it was very fun to see foods brought in from the fields and prepared in several different ways for many months into the future.

Kids today may not have the same opportunities to stock a root cellar, but they can be taught what makes for good foods in more modern ways. For example, they can go with their parents to the farmer’s markets far into the fall to bring home and prepare by canning or freezing or just eating fresh. Seeing foods that have just come out of the ground is a golden asset of appreciation that far outways the selection of a bagged vegetables from the grocer’s freezer. Continue reading Everyone Wins When Kids are in the Kitchen