5 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Indoor Cycling

Johnny G started “spinning”, or indoor cycling classes, in the mid 80’s. Ever since, people have been sweating, breathing hard, losing weight, and gaining fitness taking an imaginary ride on a stationary bike. Some see it as a class for the hardcore fitness enthusiast with no room for mercy. If you are reserved to give it a try, I am here to tell is a great class for just about anybody! Here are 5 reasons not to be scared of indoor cycling classes. Continue reading 5 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Indoor Cycling

Member Stories: Charlene Bareta – Cycling Class & Elite Enthusiast

Charlene Bareta had always been active in her life, she recounts – maintaining her athleticism and herself through dance, cheerleading, and biking. Fast forward a few decades and she has not been able to enjoy her active life like before. However, she heard about a new club that Kay bought. Given her past interests and activities, she wanted to see what this club had to offer. The club opened in 1986. She joined the following year, in her late 50’s. Continue reading Member Stories: Charlene Bareta – Cycling Class & Elite Enthusiast

Biking for Fitness

Cycling is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. It burns a ton of calories, gets your heart rate and metabolism revved up, and builds muscle. But how do you make outdoor riding safer, and what other options are available to ride if you don’t ever want to be on the road? Here are a few tips on biking for fitness! Continue reading Biking for Fitness

Instructor Highlight: Monica Larson

Monica Larson is relatively new to the Elite Sports Clubs team at our Brookfield location. She joins us as a personal trainer, but also teaches some of our complimentary classes as well. So, let’s welcome Monica to the clubs and get to know her a bit better! Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Monica Larson