New Facts About Sugar Substitutes You Need to Know!

Some good research this year has brought us to the point where you may want to look again at your use of Sugar Substitutes. One such study has to do with drinking sugar-free soda versus regular soda and what it means for your health. The second study addresses drinking diet soda and how it affects your chances of losing weight or gaining weight. Let’s take a look! Continue reading New Facts About Sugar Substitutes You Need to Know!

Why Exercise Simply Isn’t Enough on Its Own

According to many weight loss and nutritional experts, body weight is affected by a proportion of twenty percent exercise and eighty percent diet. Thus no matter how much we exercise, if we want to maintain or lose weight, we have to consider both the quantity and quality of our food intake as well. Continue reading Why Exercise Simply Isn’t Enough on Its Own

A Peek Inside a Diabetic’s Kitchen Pantry

3 weeks into the New Year, I am very proud of the progress I have made toward my goals of being the healthiest person that I can be.  I am down 7.5lbs, and I have discovered a new green smoothie recipe that has literally replaced my need for caffeine.  But this year, my journey toward becoming healthy involves more than merely losing that baby weight, and fitting in to those Seven jeans that have been neatly folded in the back of my closet since I returned from my honeymoon…eight years ago.  In an effort to dig a little deeper, I began researching trending health topics, and one that I keep seeing over and over again is Diabetes.  For those who live with the disease, each day holds unique challenges and life-altering decisions that those of us who do not live with the disease don’t even blink over.  For instance, I took the Packers loss personally, and as a result downed a bag of m&m’s.  For a diabetic, this is not an option.  But my decision to research this disease goes way beyond a tough loss. Continue reading A Peek Inside a Diabetic’s Kitchen Pantry

Fitness For The Former Fat Girl

215 pounds. There it was. It was staring at me and the nurse on that ugly, white scale. Wait..what?! That can’t be true. I mean, I know in college you tend to gain some, but I couldn’t have gained that much! Denial shot through me like a bullet and then nothing but shame was left. Continue reading Fitness For The Former Fat Girl

Andrew Schreier “Not just a diabetic.”

My name is Andrew (A.J.) Schreier and I have recently passed twelve years working at West Brookfield of Elite Sports Clubs as well as working over eight years now as a primary counselor for addiction and correctional clients. Most notably of milestones however is being a type one diabetic for over seventeen years now. Continue reading Andrew Schreier “Not just a diabetic.”