Uncomfortable Truths About Fitness

Everyone likes when they’re told what they want to hear; things stay nice and comforting that way. Being told what you need to hear versus what you want to hear can be a little unsettling, but it can be to your benefit. With an abundance of fitness information online, you’re bound to run across some bogus advice. We’re here today to uncover some of the uncomfortable truths about fitness. You might not want to hear some of these things, but they need to be heard.

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The Truth About Dietary Myths: Supplements

By Rita Larsen, RD, CD; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

The Truth About Dietary Myths: Supplements

If you follow the news, it will not take you long to come across a story about the latest unfolding of the truth about some dietary or nutrition myth, and it always seems to surprise people. Most information, if found in print, is taken as the truth. Yet, obviously this isn’t always the case. We will take the next month to explore this very issue, and try to debunk some of those famous dietary myths. Continue reading The Truth About Dietary Myths: Supplements