3 Easy Appetizer Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

Oftentimes the winter holiday season can be both the most wonderful and most stressful time of the year. Between the food, the drinks, and the presents—our healthy diet goals can often get lost somewhere between the turkey and the tinsel.

Here’s three easy appetizer recipes to help get you through all those holiday parties and gatherings while still remaining relatively diet conscious. Continue reading 3 Easy Appetizer Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

Grab n’ Go Granola Bars Recipe

After you see how easy it is to make these homemade granola bars, you’ll never buy a box from the store again! They’re loaded with protein and perfect for breakfast on the go or even a midday snack. Continue reading Grab n’ Go Granola Bars Recipe

Acorn Squash Soup Recipe

Just in time for the Fall season, this recipe offers a different twist on acorn squash. This soup is made easily, and is ready in just one hour. Offering a smooth and creamy texture, we’re sure this will be your family’s new favorite side dish or lunchtime staple. Continue reading Acorn Squash Soup Recipe

Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipe

A fairly new member to the club and nutrition client, DJ, has perfected a delicious energy boosting smoothie that she has “first thing in the morning before breakfast,” which she follows up with a simple oatmeal or egg dish. DJ also enjoys preparing the smoothie after her workout just before a small lunch. Continue reading Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipe