Grilled Vegetable Panini Recipe

By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

This recipe originally appeared in the Fall edition of our seasonal magazine. You can find a digital copy on our website or pick up a paper copy at any Elite location.

We don’t always need to have meat in our sandwich. Try this selection with cheese and end of summer (or early fall) vegetables. This vegetarian hot sandwich packs in savory eggplant and sweet bell peppers, along with zucchini and red onions, all grilled to caramelize the sugars and create intense flavors. Continue reading Grilled Vegetable Panini Recipe

Fitness Inspired Halloween Costumes

If you’re anything like us, you love fitness. And that love tends to constantly creep into other aspects of your life. You live, breathe, and wear it EVERY—SINGLE—DAY…and Halloween is no exception! So, here’s a round-up of some of our favorite fitness inspired Halloween costume ideas for the fitness-obsessed trick-or-treater in you. Continue reading Fitness Inspired Halloween Costumes

Berry Pie Recipe: Easy & Light Dessert

By Rita Larsen, RD, CD; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

This light and easy pie recipe is a great end of summer, or all year round, dessert that everyone will enjoy. Few calories and lots of fruit makes this easily-prepared pie a big hit at family gatherings. Continue reading Berry Pie Recipe: Easy & Light Dessert