5 Plank Variations to Challenge Your Body

You’ve been exercising for awhile now, and you have been getting results but recently hit a plateau. It’s time to challenge your body with progressions of the exercises you have already been doing. If you continue to do a standard plank, for example, even adding time isn’t enough to continue to challenge your body to move forward. You need to go into uncharted territory to gain the results you are after. Let’s go through a progression of the plank, in order to examine what you can do with a basic exercise to make it more challenging, so you continue to see results. Continue reading 5 Plank Variations to Challenge Your Body

3 Keys to Building Muscle

Adding muscle to your frame can be hard. There’s no way around it. Building muscle can be a slow and frustrating process and takes months of consistency and hard work to attain results. However, if we understand what stimulates muscle growth, maybe we can optimize the process and reach our goals in less time and with less frustration. Continue reading 3 Keys to Building Muscle

8 Tips for Exercising More Effectively

Tips for Exercising More Effectively-Elite Sports Clubs

There are those members that come in and barely get to a point of sweating and it’s off to the showers. Others work very hard and are breaking a heavy sweat by the time their workout is complete. Some members show up as little as once a week. Others are there almost every day for hours on end. But who is right? Continue reading 8 Tips for Exercising More Effectively