3 Keys to Building Muscle

Adding muscle to your frame can be hard. There’s no way around it. Building muscle can be a slow and frustrating process and takes months of consistency and hard work to attain results. However, if we understand what stimulates muscle growth, maybe we can optimize the process and reach our goals in less time and with less frustration. Continue reading 3 Keys to Building Muscle

Are Free Weights in Your Training Arsenal?

If free weights aren’t currently part of your strength training program, they should be! Machines and cables are still necessary to balance out your training program, but free weights offer many benefits to strengthen your arms and other important muscle groups. Let’s learn about the benefits of free weights and why they should be a part of your training arsenal.

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4 Steps to Get Motivated for Your Workout

When the holidays roll around, it’s all too easy to get out of tune with your fitness routine. The shopping, cooking, and traveling takes up a lot of your time and can get in the way of your health goals. Even one missed workout can disrupt your rhythm. Once you lose that momentum, it’s difficult to get it back. Therefore, we’ve compiled 4 steps to get motivated for your workout and take action towards reaching your fitness goals. Continue reading 4 Steps to Get Motivated for Your Workout

Trainer Highlight: Matthew Bishop

Matthew Bishop is a certified personal trainer who recently joined the Elite family. Not only does Matthew have an enthusiastic personality, he is a dedicated trainer and will make sure you stay motivated in order to achieve success. Learn more about his personal philosophy, experiences, and outlook on fitness training! Continue reading Trainer Highlight: Matthew Bishop

The Positive Effects Walking Has on the Body

Believe it or not, walking is a great activity for your body and mind. Not only is it easy to do, but it has many positive effects on the body. For starters, it improves your cardiovascular fitness, reduces back pain, and improves your functionality. But is it too good to be true? Well, not exactly. Walking has more benefits than most people realize. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of walking. Continue reading The Positive Effects Walking Has on the Body