6 Exercises to Engage Your Glutes

In the days of the Kardashians, it’s not hard to get folks to want to work on their backside. Everyone wants to have a great rear view. But did you know they are actually very important for your functionality as well, particularly in walking? Strong glutes will aid you in having mobile hips, a strong core, generating power, and decreasing the risk of knee and back pain. Continue reading 6 Exercises to Engage Your Glutes

“TANK” Sled Equipment Review

Meet the newest member of our training arsenal for athletes in the Elite Sports Clubs AMP program—TANK, by Torque Fitness. The Tank is a new sled to aid in the training of the athletes, not only in their strength but also speed and explosiveness. Besides having wheels, this piece is unique from other sleds in its variable resistance as well. Continue reading “TANK” Sled Equipment Review

Do You Have Good Balance?

Jordan Meyer, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor at Elite Sports Club-North Shore

Most people believe their balance is adequate at the worst because their balance isn’t really tested on a daily basis. After all, if you don’t fall down randomly how would you know if you have bad balance? Try this: stand on one leg for 30 seconds with the other leg suspended in the air in front of you, getting your foot as high off the ground as you can. Now try with your other leg. How much did you wobble or have to touch the ground with your raised foot? If you were shaking around like you had your own personal earthquake under your foot, you probably need some balance training. Continue reading Do You Have Good Balance?

Buddy Workout: 3 Exercises You Can Do With a Partner

Now that you have your new workout buddy (still don’t? refer someone today!) you’ll need some fun workouts you can do TOGETHER! Check out this list of great partner workouts you can do with a friend, spouse, or even your trainer. Continue reading Buddy Workout: 3 Exercises You Can Do With a Partner

Are You Balanced?

By Bernie Feyrer, Personal Trainer, Elite Sports Club-Mequon

Have you ever had your feet fly out from underneath you on slippery pavement? That feeling usually sends your heart into a panic! No matter who you are–an athlete, a multitasking 30 something, middle aged, or a senior–you can benefit from working on your balance. It only takes a few minutes a day to see amazing results in your reaction time, ankle strength and leg endurance.

Balance is the key to life

Here are a few exercises to do at home everyday:

  • As you brush your teeth in the morning, stand on your left foot and brush with your right hand. Do the opposite in the evening.
  • Take a few minutes and stand toes to heel. Turn your head to the right and look over your shoulder and then to the left about five times. Switch feet and repeat. To make it more challenging, close your eyes.

Here are a few more exercises you can do at the fitness center with the help of some equipment:

  • Try squats on the Bosu Balance Trainer.
    Bernie Bosu Balance Squat
  • Stand on different wobble boards or the half-foam rollers.
    Bernie Wobble Board Balance Bernie Half Foam Roller Balance
  • Stand on a platform with one leg and lower your other leg to the floor.
  • Ask a trainer for more options.

Over time your stability will improve and your reaction time will increase. Have fun and get balanced!

Do you feel like you are balanced? What exercises or classes do you use to improve your balance? Tell us in the comments!

Elite Sports Clubs offers many group exercise classes and small group training programs to help you work on your overall balance. Not sure where to start? Our fitness staff would be happy to offer you a fitness assessment to evaluate your current level of balance and determine exercises to help you improve.