Trek n’ Train Group Exercise Class Review

Trek n’ Train is a relatively new class at Elite, and before I get into the details, let me just say that this class is so much more fun than I had anticipated! I’ve tried a lot of classes at all of the Elite clubs, and Trek n’ Train keeps the workout fun, versatile, and challenging. Continue reading Trek n’ Train Group Exercise Class Review

Beginner’s Guide to Pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the staples of body weight exercise routines, and for good reason. It works a number of different muscles in the upper body, both large and small, as well as the muscles in your core. However, it is very hard to do a good pull-up. If you asked your friends and family, it would be a fairly safe bet to say that most of them could not do five good ones. Let’s learn how to perform a proper pull-up. Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Pull-ups

Do You Actually Need Gym Equipment and a Trainer to Stay in Shape?

Melissa Abramovich ACE CPT, NASM CGT, AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer at Elite Sports Club-River Glen

Muscle withers away if you’re not constantly building it, and muscle withers faster as we age. Waning muscle mass gives way to fat gain, stiff joints, stumbling and bumbling balance, and a precipitous drop in self esteem and functional strength. If you are willing to, fighting back will help us turn the hands of time, just a bit. This means getting strong. Lifting weights can do as much for your heart and lungs as cardio, in addition to building lean muscle, providing you with armor to weather the inevitable storms of time. Continue reading Do You Actually Need Gym Equipment and a Trainer to Stay in Shape?

How to Play Well With Others in the Fitness Center

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom took you to the playground? You’d leap from the car and make a beeline for the place every kid loved to play…the sandbox.

But as quickly as those wonderful memories of making sandcastles assembles in your mind, you can’t help but think of that one kid that always ruined your beautiful masterpiece. The kid that wouldn’t share the shovel & pail. The kid that would make a mess and leave without cleaning it up. The kid whose lack of sandbox etiquette made your blood boil.

That kid was the absolute worst. Don’t be that kid when you’re playing in the adult sandbox…ahem, gym. Continue reading How to Play Well With Others in the Fitness Center

This Week is National Women’s Health Week!

National Women’s Health Week, which runs May 12th -18th, is a campaign by the Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health to raise awareness about women’s health issues. NWHW promotes 5 steps for women to improve their physical and mental health, including preventive health screening, healthy eating, sleep and stress management, and regular exercise. The health club is a safe, social, and supportive environment providing numerous resources to help women get active and adopt healthier habits.