Can You Count on Food Expiration Dates?

Food Expiration Dates, what do they mean? And are they reliable? Many people do think so and I know that it is taught in school curriculums that children learn to double check labels as to not eat “spoiled” foods. I recently experienced this firsthand when my granddaughters wanted to check the cottage cheese carton before having some. They said, “we are close to the date of expiration”and “we don’t want to eat any.” They smelled it but decided they would not eat it. I was a little surprised at their quick assessment and also at the realization that just maybe I would have something that’s not healthy in my refrigerator! Continue reading Can You Count on Food Expiration Dates?

Summer’s Bounty: Sweet Yellow Corn

Part of what makes summer so fun is the fresh produce we can purchase this time of year. One of those is fresh corn on the cob. It is high in fiber, reasonable in carbohydrate, and is generally liked by the whole family. But most of all, it is the symbolism that it is a part of the mid-to-late summer than we all enjoy! Here are the nutrients from one ear of Sweet Yellow Corn: Continue reading Summer’s Bounty: Sweet Yellow Corn

Turkey is Not Just for Thanksgiving

By Rita Larsen, RDN; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

Now that this particular holiday is over, do you plan on putting the turkey roaster away until next year?!

Many people may feel this way, but according to the National Grocers Association, this holiday is just the beginning of a “love affair” with the bird, until about March or April of each year. Part of the dilemma is the fact that most turkeys are about 15-22 pounds each and produce about 10-16 pounds of edible meat. But, we are sure that most families will be happy about this amount of leftover meat if they can find new and creative ways to “use it up.” Continue reading Turkey is Not Just for Thanksgiving