When Should You Choose Organic Produce: Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Many members ask about whether or not they should be choosing organic produce. Years ago, organic fruits and vegetables were expensive and often unavailable in the grocery store compared to the regular grown produce. However, today, most grocery stores carry the organic produce at a reasonable cost and are much more readily available. This is an important move for us all to make as we continue to search for the healthiest food choices for our families. Continue reading When Should You Choose Organic Produce: Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Mango Peach Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Smoothie bowls are the new craze. Use whatever fruit, nuts, and seeds you have on hand to make this super simple and delicious smoothie bowl recipe. But keep in mind, frozen fruit is often necessary for a good smoothie base. Enjoy! Continue reading Mango Peach Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

How Your Diet Can Help (or Hurt) Your Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season is now upon us! Autumn is as active a season for allergies as it is in the spring. While most pollen and irritants circulate themselves on the dry windy days of an Indian summer, it will actually continue into late fall. In Wisconsin, the irritants are considered to be moderate in scope and many people will continue with the symptoms into the holidays. Indoors, we are usually concerned about the buildup of mold during the fall, which will also add to the ongoing nature of our symptoms.

The most common symptoms of seasonal allergies are: dry itching skin, puffy/red eyes, inability to breathe, coughing, even cold and flu-like symptoms, may occur. Medical experts state that all aspects of your life can be interrupted; i.e. sleep, ability to concentrate, and eating. They do recommend staying on your normal schedule for taking medications, and making sure that they are the right ones for you. Most medications take the form of antihistamines and decongestants. Always, seeing your physician before this time of year begins is a good idea.

How are foods going to be affected? And can they help? These are the primary foods to consider for seasonal allergies: Continue reading How Your Diet Can Help (or Hurt) Your Seasonal Allergies

Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipe

A fairly new member to the club and nutrition client, DJ, has perfected a delicious energy boosting smoothie that she has “first thing in the morning before breakfast,” which she follows up with a simple oatmeal or egg dish. DJ also enjoys preparing the smoothie after her workout just before a small lunch. Continue reading Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipe