Keep Your Summer Body All Winter Long

Winter has moved in on us here in Wisconsin, so now is the time for cozy layers, comfort foods, relaxation, and hibernation, right? Wrong! At least, not if you want to keep your summer body all winter long, that is. The temptation to kick back during the winter months comes easy, but do you really want to sabotage all the hard work you’ve been doing? We didn’t think so. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of things to keep in mind and do this winter to hang on to that summer body. If you keep up the hard work all winter, you won’t have any fear of that swimsuit come summer.

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Beginners Guide to Getting Fit and Healthy

Today’s the day, you tell yourself. Today’s the day that you are going to commit to getting fit and healthy. But there’s just one teensy, tiny problem: You don’t quite know HOW to become fit and healthy.

No worries, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help. We’ll start you off with a few pointers on how to get fit and why it’s important to be healthy. Bonus: We are here to help along the way, and if we don’t say so ourselves, we’re a pretty darn good support system.

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The Science Behind Creating A Habit

Are you looking to kick off the year with a new good habit? Maybe you need to ditch some bad ones? Have no fear, Elite (and science!) are here to help.

You see, habits are tough. Some are good, like getting to the the gym once a day. Some are bad…like eating 6 cookies at a time when you go into the office break room. But there are scientific ways to get into the swing of good new habits and break bad ones. Continue reading The Science Behind Creating A Habit

The Importance of Setting Small Goals

We all want to accomplish our big goals. Lose 10 pounds, buy a car, take more time for yourself. The list can go on and on.

But with our eyes on the prize, we often feel lost about how exactly we reach our large goals. The best thing to do, is establish little goals along the way that help us ultimately reach our large ones. Continue reading The Importance of Setting Small Goals

How to Improve Your Sweatitude!

In the past we did a “Plank Off” challenge here in our fitness center at Elite Sports Clubs. Now I know the plank may not be your favorite exercise, even if it is good for you. But I can’t tell you the number of people who gave up before they even got started. Excuses started flowing like spring rain: “Well, some folks can already do a longer plank than I can, so why even try?” or “Oh, I’m not good at those. Forget it.” (Insert raised eyebrow here.) Excuse me? Isn’t that the whole point of this? We’re here to improve, to strive for better results, greater strength gains—what all of you need to do is work on your Sweatitude! Continue reading How to Improve Your Sweatitude!