5 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Indoor Cycling

Johnny G started “spinning”, or indoor cycling classes, in the mid 80’s. Ever since, people have been sweating, breathing hard, losing weight, and gaining fitness taking an imaginary ride on a stationary bike. Some see it as a class for the hardcore fitness enthusiast with no room for mercy. If you are reserved to give it a try, I am here to tell is a great class for just about anybody! Here are 5 reasons not to be scared of indoor cycling classes. Continue reading 5 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Indoor Cycling

Class Review: Body Pump

Although I managed to injure myself before class even started (knocking myself in the face with the barbell), I had a great time in Angie’s Body Pump class at Elite Sports Club – North Shore!  This was my first ever Body Pump class and although I was initially intimidated by the use of a barbell, regulars to this class (who were beyond friendly) immediately put my nerves at ease by explaining everything to me, from how much weight I should use to how to adjust the weights.

Body Pump is offered at all Elite locations with the exception of River Glen and is part of the LES MILLS™ series.  The idea behind Body Pump is to provide a full-body workout that shapes and tones your entire body while simultaneously increasing core strength. Elite offers both a 30 minute and 60 minute class, but both are designed to get you toned…fast!  Continue reading Class Review: Body Pump

30 Things I Love About Elite

Nearly 2 years ago, I took my first steps into Elite North Shore as a member. As a Passport Member, I’ve had the chance to visit all of the Elite Clubs. I’ve come to find that each one has their own “personality”  that make them unique, and together, Elite becomes this wonderful community where staff, instructors, and members work together to make positive experiences, and achieve goals!

In just a couple of years,  I have become stronger, healthier and even a happier person. While fitness was a big part of this, it is the people that I have met and worked with that make Elite so great! So, in celebration of Elite turning 30, I’ve made a list of my 30 favorite things about Elite! Continue reading 30 Things I Love About Elite

Hot Yoga: A Very ‘Cool’ Class

The term “Yoga” comes with endless preconceived notions. Visions of kale-loving, naturally flexible, ageless athletes with California-kissed locks immediately popped into my head before I got out of my head and into a class. Elite has an incredible variety of yoga classes for everyone. And while I like them all, I love Hot Yoga.  Here’s why: I don’t like being cold, I like getting lost in the music and I love that I have 75 minutes where at the very least, I can walk away and “leave it all on the mat.” Continue reading Hot Yoga: A Very ‘Cool’ Class

Beyond the Finish Line: Creating Motivation Through Curiosity

What’s your motivation?  Really, stop right now and think about it.  What makes you open your eyes in the morning, and put one foot in front of the other as you walk to the kitchen, your kids room, the shower?  This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately relative to my goals that I would like to achieve in the next 5-10 years.  One goal in particular that I’ve been concentrating on a lot lately is my physical strength.  Having a 5 year old and a 1 year old is like having two only children.  It requires physical stamina to keep up with one who won’t stop running and one who is working with all his might to get there.  So, in order to maintain my strength, and yes, my sanity too at times, I’ve been hitting the gym almost every day.  Continue reading Beyond the Finish Line: Creating Motivation Through Curiosity