You Need the Right Kind of Treat

You work hard, you need to “treat yo’ self.”

Now don’t run and grab an ice cream cone. That is just going to throw a wrench into everything you worked so hard for. When you treat yo’ self, you need to make sure you treat yo’ self right. Continue reading You Need the Right Kind of Treat

Rose Barnish Shares Her Personal Study of Exercise Behavior

Our members aren’t the only ones working towards goals and striving to become a better version of themselves. Elite Sports Clubs staff share some of their own stories about their health & fitness journeys.

When I was little, my older siblings were in college or older and very scholarly. They and my parents would sit around the kitchen table, debating current events and other topics, and smoking (keep in mind this was the 60’s & 70’s).

Sometimes I could not relate to their erudite conversations, and would “escape” outdoors and run around the yard, or have a friend over to play outside. We had a huge yard and swing set… and I would swing while singing, trying to touch my toes to the apple tree branches.

If I couldn’t be outdoors. from the earliest time I can remember, I’d exercise…dance, somersaults in the living room, or watch a TV show called “Exercise with Gloria” 🙂 Continue reading Rose Barnish Shares Her Personal Study of Exercise Behavior

How to Keep from Backsliding

For years now we have conducted our own “challenges” to accomplish short term goals, these can prompt very helpful fitness and dietary change. Short term challenges help us kickoff a lifestyle change with renewed energy and desire because we can work within the pre-set plan and goal of the challenge. Even recently, Elite Sports Clubs hosted their annual Team Weight Loss Challenge, full of great incentives, opportunities to collaborate with new friends, and to even try a multitude of new classes. But after all that, what can you do to keep from backsliding? Continue reading How to Keep from Backsliding

Embrace Your Quirks

The internet is ablaze with articles, blogs, songs, quotes, you name it…with body positivity. This is a great thing. Far too many people focus on the negatives when it comes to their bodies, “I need to lose 5 lbs,” “I wish I had her legs,” “I wish I had his abs,” “I wish my hair was curly,” “I wish my hair was straight,” etc. What we really need to do instead is learn to embrace our whole selves, quirks and all! Continue reading Embrace Your Quirks