Help! I Have Too Much Halloween Candy!

Halloween is now in the books and many of us have likely had too much candy, either out with the kids or handing out the candy. We now need to come up with a plan that will help us make it through without hindering our health and fitness goals. Here are two tricks you can apply to your candy stash. Continue reading Help! I Have Too Much Halloween Candy!

3 Healthy Recipes Using Sweet Potatoes

As a natural transition from October to November, I’m bringing you some of my best-kept recipes to fuel your body by using Sweet Potatoes! Sweet potatoes not only fit the fall and Thanksgiving themes, but they fit your nutrition plan as well. Learn about the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes and try these 3 recipes for easy meal planning! Continue reading 3 Healthy Recipes Using Sweet Potatoes

When Eating Fish Isn’t So Good for Your Health

For the most part, we all know eating fish is generally good for your health due in part to the good heart health that is provided by an essential nutrient, Omega 3 Fatty Acids. But, what about the other concerns regarding the nutrients such as Mercury that can be present in the water your fish is coming from? And, how much is too much fish to eat? What fish is available to us in Wisconsin? Let’s look at these specific issues. Continue reading When Eating Fish Isn’t So Good for Your Health

The Power of Food Cravings

Many people feel as though they are often “driven” to eat certain foods or are responding to certain body needs or cravings. Sometimes it may be due to having a craving for something your body is lacking nutritionally. Many people will mention that they begin to think about a specific food, like potato chips, and just don’t feel relieved until they have some! Is that bag of chips calling out to you? So, what is going on?! Continue reading The Power of Food Cravings

Instructor Highlight: Julie Eusebio

Julie Eusebio is a group exercise instructor at our Elite Sports Clubs location in Brookfield on Burleigh Rd. She currently teaches cycling classes but has taught all sorts of classes over the past decade.

Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Julie Eusebio