Instructor Highlight: Stephen Conway

Stephen Conway is a group exercise instructor at our Elite Sports Clubs location in Brookfield on Burleigh Rd. He has not only taught a few different types of classes over the years but also has quite a few unique hobbies. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Stephen Conway

Instructor Highlight: Eric Wahl

Eric Wahl is a group exercise instructor and personal trainer out of our Brookfield location. Learn a bit more about him, his favorite parts of teaching fitness, and his favorite exercises.  Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Eric Wahl

Instructor Highlight: Taylor Thompson

We’d love for you to meet Taylor Thompson, a group exercise instructor, nutritionist, and certified personal trainer at our Elite Sports Club – Brookfield location. Keep reading to get to know her a little better and learn how she got started in health and fitness. Continue reading Instructor Highlight: Taylor Thompson

The Ample Rewards of Being Healthy

We love to think of rewards as tangible things. A bike, a car, a new purse, or maybe even a meal or a snack. What we don’t often think about, is that the rewards of being healthy usually aren’t the tangible prizes we like to think. Continue reading The Ample Rewards of Being Healthy

Staff Highlight: Apinya Jordan

For anyone who has used the Playroom at Elite North Shore for their children, you know that it is so much more than just a dropping point for your kids to stay while you get in a run. The playroom at North Shore is a place where your children get to learn, grow and thrive in a fun, safe and enriching environment. This is the result, in part, due to the staff who work tirelessly in the playroom. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of them, Apinya Jordan. Continue reading Staff Highlight: Apinya Jordan